Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Delight.

This past weekend was one of the best in recent memory. I accomplished nearly everything I wanted to, and didn't force myself into doing anything I don't like. GLORIOUS!

The weather was lovely and called for long constitutionals, which are my favorite way to spend time in ANY City, but particularly in NYC, where many things are best enjoyed outdoors.

On Saturday, The Bunny and I began our day with brunch at Hundred Acres, sister restaurant to two of our VERY favorites: Five Points and Cookshop. You must go here if you've never been. It's on a quiet stretch of MacDougal in SoHo. The interior is what I would call "refined English," which I find pleasantly comforting. And the food will knock your socks off.

Biscuits that give the Clinton Street Baking Co. a run for its money...

The Bunny's Quesadilla Gringo (how fitting). // Tea for me.

Afterward, we strolled through SoHo. The area was bustling with tourists and natives alike, all overjoyed to be outside in the beautiful sunshine. We stopped in a number of shops, but I limited my purchases to Calypso, where I picked up two beautiful dresses. For those of you who don't know me, I never wear pants and simply LIVE for dresses, and Calypso NEVER disappoints.

In addition to being a dress lover, I am also a coffee lover, so we worked our way toward La Colombe. This is the second retail outpost of the coffee brand served at all of Jean-Georges' restos. The cafe was cute, complete with an odd neo-Cubist mural (complete with Italian man on a Vespa, cigarette in mouth), and a cute neon sign noting in Italian that their products are handmade. Sadly, the coffee was terribly bitter. But given that it was only their second day of business, I will give the baristas the benefit of the doubt.

Saturday evening, I did something sort of impulsive and fun. I LOVE being awake at night. When I was little, my mother had the hardest time getting me to go to bed. In high school I slept about 4 hours a night. In college, I became virtually nocturnal: staying up all night and napping during the day. Obviously, I can't maintain those sleep patterns nowadays, but I love catering to my night owl tendencies once in awhile. When Bubby's Tribeca--home of the most delicious pies in the world--announced they were serving midnight brunch, I grabbed my Bunny, grabbed my TAG, grabbed her Mystery Man, and away we went on a VERY VERY fun double date!

If you can have a 'brother from another mother,' can you have a 'sister from another mister'? Teds and I are definitely soul sisters! But not as delicious as LUDACRIS, who was seated a few feet away from us. I've encountered a LOT of celebrities in my day, but Ludacris is the first rapper I've seen in the flesh. And he's my favorite too. Thanks to MBS for blasting Luda in her VW Bug in high school so I could learn and appreciate his lyrics. Here's lookin' at you, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges...

Sunday was another wonderful day. Much more low-key than Saturday.
I had the BEST CUP OF COFFEE I've ever had in NYC at Everyman Espresso. Truly, if you love coffee, do yourself a favor by paying them a visit.

And then I wasted the rest of the day playing Super Paper Mario on Wii.

Confession: I've missed the past two weeks of WW due to a Passover seder and a late night at work. I'm worried about going back after so much indulgent (though portionally-limited) eating and no gym time. I need to regain my discipline! Here's hoping my blog will keep me honest....

I hope you enjoyed your weekends as much as I did!
Happy Monday,


Anonymous said...

You two look so cute in that photograph! She is the best, you must have loads of good times together.

Have a wonderful week,

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Lula Mae said...

Looks so fun! And I agree, you both look adorable and chic :)