Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrating 3 Years: Murf and the Bunny

(From our first year together, under the Brooklyn Bridge.)

Today is my third anniversary with The Bunny.
And you know what I love best about it?
That it feels like any other day.
It's not summoning any major reflection.
It's not forcing make-or-break-decisions.
It's just another day of having Bunny be that special guy in my life, and feeling perfectly at ease and so content with it.
This is the kind of love I never expected I would want or need.
When you're younger, it's fun to have complicated relationships, full of drama and the eventual kiss-and-make-up.
But as I've grown older, I crave a relationship that is my happy constant in life, even when jobs and friends and finances and the weather make things bumpy.

Recently at a dinner, someone put me on the spot to defend my beliefs on a number of issues. Bunny was there to add occasional vocal input, but provided emotional support throughout.
He let me fight my own fight, and didn't feel the typical misogynistic urge to rescue me.
And it's BECAUSE of that characteristic that he was still my knight in shining armor.
He is someone who respects my opinions, even when they differ from his, and who respects, nay DEMANDS, my intelligence.

A man like this is such a gift.
I'm endlessly grateful for it.
1,095 days and counting....