Friday, April 30, 2010

Addendum to the previous post...

I have had a number of readers contact me to inform me that the silver metallic Hunters are indeed available in adult sizes, and I SO SO SO appreciate the thoughtfulness that each message represents.
However, I am seeking the "SHORT" silver metallic Hunter (as opposed to the classic "TALL"), and unfortunately for now the "short" silver Hunters are only manufactured in childrens' sizes. As a size 9.5 big foot, I just have to be patient until Hunter manufactures that style in my size, or find a good alternative.
Thank you again for your kind attention to my silly dilemma!

Waiting, literally, for the other shoe to drop...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If April showers brought super ode to the Space Age silver Wellington

I've had some wonderful wellies in my day.
A pair of Burberry novachecks dating from 2003 loyally saw me through my entire undergraduate education:

(Where's Waldo in Murf's dorm room?)

I made my first venture into the *GENIUS* of short Wellies with my Tretorns.
Honestly, if it rains in the summer (as it did throughout June 2009), the less un-breathable rubber encompassing your legs the better.
I'm never returning to knee-highs again.

Sadly, these boots recently died a tragic death (they were literally coming apart at the seams).

So as I began to consider replacements, I thought of combining the English tradition of Burberry with the ideal short-ness of the Tretorns, and adding an unusual voila!
The short, metallic silver HUNTER:

I'll take either distinction, because it's my perfect rainboot;
classic and functional, but bucks convention a bit.
They would complement the quirkier outfits I wear, but also add spunk (in a terrifically chic way) to the veiled-behind-sunglasses-head-to-toe-black ensembles I don when I'm not draped in Lilly Pulitzer.

The catch?
Only available in kids' sizes!
(Murphy's Law strikes again.)

I'm tempted to venture into hipster territory and get some No6 clog boots, as seen on the fabulous feet of Michelle Williams, SJP, Julianne Moore, and many super glamorous girls who the 6 train with me.

No6's collection consists of a limited number of exceptional designs (quality over quantity, people!), many of which are SHORT and WEATHERPROOF or, rather, "GREAT FOR FOUL WEATHER" as the copywriting so adorably describes.

And a little side note for those of you pining for the days when J.Crew cornered the clog market (I'm looking at you, MissMindless!), No6's offerings turn those distant memories into a present reality:

I would happily romp around in these during all seasons:

Moral(s) of the story:
1) Short Wellies are the best bang for your buck if you're a city girl romping around in every weather condition throughout each season of the year (esp. Spring and Summer).
2) If you see adult-sized silver metallic Hunters, LET ME KNOW ASAP.
3) Clogs are back. Embrace it. And wear it well.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 Saturdays ago: 25th Birthday Fete!

Fact: Planning a birthday party is always harder than it should be.
NYC Truth: Organizing a party in Manhattan will drive you to madness.
Real Life-ism: Nobody cares about your party [as much as you do].
Conclusion: Calm the eff down, plan something fun for all, and wear a pretty dress and shiny shoes that make you happy.

It's such a blessing to gain WISDOM with age. *Whew.*

The fun plan took the form of an improv comedy show at the UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE, starring actors and writers from "30 Rock," "The Office" and other hilarious shows, followed by dinner at La Bottega, located in the Maritime Hotel.

Pretty dress? Check!

Shiny shoes? Check!

(ELM, SB and The Bunny)

I think my friends are gorgeous.
I've noticed lately that my peers--meaning specifically those people born in 1984 and 1985--are looking ravishingly gorgeous and seriously radiant.
Quite simply, they look the best they've ever looked.
Even on Facebook, when I peruse current photos of people I haven't seen in the flesh since we were 9, it's obvious to me that they've reached a beauty "critical mass."
Mind you, that isn't to say that the best isn't yet to come, because I think it is, but this is a pleasant plateau to reach following the not-yet-distant-enough pains of pre-and-post-adolescence.

I think there will certainly be a time in my life when I'll gaze with jealousy upon the cellulite-free and curve-less figures of teenage girls, and long for that phase in my physical development (which, if I'm honest with myself, never actually existed).

But for now, I think my friends, and even I, look the way we're supposed to--and hopefully feel a little more comfortable in our own skin, too.
That sense of peace is a true birthday gift.

They're such a happy bunch; I'm tremendously and unduly lucky...

(A(K)K, EJS and LAT)

(LAT and BJE)

(DM and CCR)

(MVG, G(A)S, and CLB)

(ELM and SB)


(DM, CCR, ESG and CJM)

(CJM, MVG, G(A)S, and CLB)

(CLB and CJM)

(BJE, CJM and LAT: Even wearing heels it's sort of hopeless with these two...)

(Princeton Girls: LAT, A(K)K, MVG, EJS, and CJM)

I've got a GOOD FEELING about year #25...
In the words of the wrapping paper on one of my gifts, here's hoping that every day grants each of us a...


Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Thursday: Aging a Quarter-Century in the company of Dinosaurs

So, it happened. I turned 25.
I had been dreading the occasion for no particular reason, but it's been a week now and 25 has been nothing short of DELIGHTFUL.

On the day itself I arrived at work to discover a lovely (and scrumptious) box of Jacques Torres chocolates sitting on my chair, courtesy of two co-workers:

Later in the day I grabbed some yummy Shake Shack and my co-workers and I held a little picnic in Central Park. The weather was PERFECT:

When I returned from lunch, a pretty package was sitting on my desk, containing

Remember my friend, MBS?
Well, all those nice things I said about her in a previous post weren't merely lip service.
She took it upon herself to make my day EXTRA special by calling up--from her far away home in Kansas City--my favorite cupcakery in NYC and having a half-dozen bits of baked euphoria delivered to me. Talk about the PERFECT surprise. I am still in (sugar) shock.

After scarfing down burgers and cupcakes, I had to make my lardy-self presentable for the American Museum of Natural History's Spring Safari.
The vintage rental I was hoping for fell through in the end, but it allowed me to slip into one of my favorite Lilly pieces in my collection: The lobster bubble dress!

Turning 25 in a room with a 65-million-year-old dinosaur puts things into perspective...

As you can imagine, everything was swathed in Lilly fabric: tablecloths, pillows on seats, and the handsome attendees.

Somewhat against his will, I photographed this fine gentleman in his PANDAMONIUM trousers!

(I love a man who isn't afraid of pattern.
Full Disclosure: I own the shift in this print.)

Speaking of Pandamonium, the print made it easy to spot Janie, Lilly's Design Director, in her customized gown. For all of you who voted for this gown on the Lilly blog, you made the right choice! She looked fantastic:

Celeb DJs Harley Viera-Newton (in green) and Cassie Coane (in black) provided the beats in the Hall of Mammals and had everyone dancing:

Adding to the energetic and colorful ambience was the Lilly print team, who painted several pieces over the course of the evening:

Since I had some birthday money burning a hole in my clutch, I gave into the temptation I resisted on Tuesday at Christie's, and bid on a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag in the silent auction...and won!

I also took home another bag that night:

My gorgeous date, EJS, doesn't often pose for photos but made an exception for my birthday. Good karmic acts pay off! I ADORE this photo:

Thanks to EVERYONE who made April 15, 2010 a magical day for me from start to finish and then some.

Last Tuesday: Children for Children's Art of Giving Gala

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young lady attending a charity event will be at her wits' end searching for the perfect dress to wear.
(To say nothing of the fact that said ladies often spend more money procuring their wardrobe than they ultimately donate to the charity itself. It's a bit sickening if you dwell on the idea for too long...)
In the end, I narrowed it down to these two:
1) The FuNkY:

2) And the (somewhat boring) Classic:

In the end, the classic won out.

This particular event, The Art of Giving to benefit Children for Children, was held at Christie's, so naturally auctions (both live and silent) were part of the evening. I was paddle #758, but managed to exercise some amount of self-control when it came to bidding.

The dinner was full of charming guests and honorees (Ellen Burstyn, Neil Bush, and Katie Couric), and the meal was themed with children in mind: cute veggie salad, Mac & Cheese entree, and a plate of cookies served with Serendipity 3's famous Frozen Hot Chocolate for dessert.

But the sweetest part of dessert?

I am obsessed with Alec Baldwin.
On "30 Rock" one character recently described Jack Donaghy (the part perfectly embodied by A.Baldwin) as having "the piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky."
No doubt the show's writers deserve an Emmy for ACCURACY.
(Katie Couric (pictured at right) was lovely, too.)

Following the rousing live auction--which offered a safari to South Africa, a week in Vail with skiing instruction from an Olympic champion, and a jaunt to Turks and Caicos among other exotic vacations--everyone adjourned to the first floor galleries to enjoy live music on the dance floor, the silent auction, additional desserts (including a La Maison du Chocolat tasting table), the Richard Avedon photographs on display, and a vintage (but still functional) photo booth.

Amidst all of the fun I failed to get a photograph of myself, and so snapped this one when I got home (I took this for you, Mom!)

To learn more about the great work Children for Children does, please visit their website HERE.