Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If April showers brought super ode to the Space Age silver Wellington

I've had some wonderful wellies in my day.
A pair of Burberry novachecks dating from 2003 loyally saw me through my entire undergraduate education:

(Where's Waldo in Murf's dorm room?)

I made my first venture into the *GENIUS* of short Wellies with my Tretorns.
Honestly, if it rains in the summer (as it did throughout June 2009), the less un-breathable rubber encompassing your legs the better.
I'm never returning to knee-highs again.

Sadly, these boots recently died a tragic death (they were literally coming apart at the seams).

So as I began to consider replacements, I thought of combining the English tradition of Burberry with the ideal short-ness of the Tretorns, and adding an unusual voila!
The short, metallic silver HUNTER:

I'll take either distinction, because it's my perfect rainboot;
classic and functional, but bucks convention a bit.
They would complement the quirkier outfits I wear, but also add spunk (in a terrifically chic way) to the veiled-behind-sunglasses-head-to-toe-black ensembles I don when I'm not draped in Lilly Pulitzer.

The catch?
Only available in kids' sizes!
(Murphy's Law strikes again.)

I'm tempted to venture into hipster territory and get some No6 clog boots, as seen on the fabulous feet of Michelle Williams, SJP, Julianne Moore, and many super glamorous girls who the 6 train with me.

No6's collection consists of a limited number of exceptional designs (quality over quantity, people!), many of which are SHORT and WEATHERPROOF or, rather, "GREAT FOR FOUL WEATHER" as the copywriting so adorably describes.

And a little side note for those of you pining for the days when J.Crew cornered the clog market (I'm looking at you, MissMindless!), No6's offerings turn those distant memories into a present reality:

I would happily romp around in these during all seasons:

Moral(s) of the story:
1) Short Wellies are the best bang for your buck if you're a city girl romping around in every weather condition throughout each season of the year (esp. Spring and Summer).
2) If you see adult-sized silver metallic Hunters, LET ME KNOW ASAP.
3) Clogs are back. Embrace it. And wear it well.



Derek said...

Okay I couldn't resist commenting on this because I literally LIVE IN MY HUNTERS. They are maybe the best shoes I've ever owned, up there with my Toms. I kind of want to never wear leather shoes again.

My one word of caution, because I actually bought a pair of the short ones, and then returned them in favor of the tall... the short Hunters can have a tendency to make your legs look kind of stubby. At least they did with me. The tall ones I find are an infinitely chicer look.'d probably do this anyway (I wouldn't...remember my online shopping addicition?) - try them on first and make sure the store has a return policy.

CM said...

Hi Murphy's (New) Law: Nordstrom carries adult-sized silver metallic Hunters. The link is:

Good luck!


BLC :o said...

Omg! Love love love wellies. I need a summer pair pronto and those Tretorns were darrrrrrrling. May they RIP and I hope the short Hunters come out to play soon in our sizes!!! Xoxo-BLC

Kate said...

I used to hate having to wear tall wellies during summer rain-I would always get overheated! I think I may invest in some sort ones! I like the pink ones you had