Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brief Hiatus

Hello Dearest Readers,

Sometimes the "Real World" comes calling and rears its ugly head. I will be away from blogging for a bit (just a few days, I would imagine) in order to deal with a few unpleasant things, and hope to return to you refreshed, with head held high.

As the wise TAG likes to remind me, the bridge from despair to hope is a good night's sleep. I hope that with each night of sleep, and the blessed and wonderful opportunity of a completely new start every 24 hours, I will be rid of despair and brimming with hope when I next return to you.

Only Love,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Bunny.

Any moment now...

The Bunny will wake up to this door decor:

And see this festive living room display:

And be met by this delightful gift spread:

Which Includes:
-Requisite birthday crown
-Rainbow Cookies (the Bunny's favorite) from Crumbs
-un Ballon Rouge next to his passport, to get him excited for our upcoming trip to Paris!
-A 3-D personalized birthday card (complete with glasses)

-A tiny music box with hand-crank that plays "Here Comes the Sun" for my sunshine boy

-A Sew Easy BUNNY KIT, which contains all necessary materials and instructions for sewing a little stuffed BUNNY(!!!!!); because MY Bunny is just SEW EASY to love

And then he will exit the apartment building to see this MOST FANTASTIC greeting on the sidewalk:

...As he goes about his special birthday.

(You know how much I love you.)

My AMAZING Weekend: Not just a Cheap Trick.

I had an especially eventful weekend. I didn't take photos of everything I did, so I send apologies to those friends with whom I spent time and made memories that I am not recording here. Let me offer some highlights from a truly wonderful weekend...

The Bunny's dear college friend, S, celebrated an important birthday this past weekend, and we trekked down to Saddle River, NJ on Saturday evening to partake in the event.
The party was hosted in an enormous tent in S's backyard:

(Birthday party? Or a WEDDING?!)

After cocktails, dancing to the band (above), and dining on a multi-course sit down dinner, we were asked to exit through the rear of the tent for a surprise. Since it was raining, the ladies were given flip flops to change into to save their shoes, and everyone was handed a monogrammed "S's Birthday" flashlight. We followed a tiki torchlit path for several yards and came to a clearing that revealed yet another tent:

A few minutes later, the purpose of the second tent became clear: we were treated to a private concert by S's favorite band, Cheap Trick! CT is a truly great band, known to my contemporaries for their hit "I Want You To Want Me," but respected by many generations for their innovative style, great musicianship, and influence on other bands. They are ranked #25 in VH1's 100 Greatest Rock Groups list.

I was delighted.
I was even more delighted when lead singer Robin Zander kissed my hand later in the evening!

Guitarist and songwriter Rick Nielsen is known for his extensive (2000+) collection of crazy guitars. This double-necked one, which looks just like him (baseball cap, bowtie, sneakers), was my favorite. He's also known for throwing souvenir guitar picks into the audience during every concert; The Bunny and I came home with at least 5...and more may be buried in the depths of my handbag.

I mean, it's S's party and he'll hire Cheap Trick if he wants to!

It was a GREAT party and a wonderful celebration of life for S, who nearly died several years ago due to medical complications. L'Chaim! The Bunny and I were so honored to be part of the fun.

My great friend and mentor, SW, kindly met me for a long-overdue brunch at Telepan. This lovely Upper West Side resto offers a delicious brunch and un-rushed service, which allowed us to enjoy our food as well as our conversation. I can't wait for our next "date"!

My "Fallen Pancakes Souffle" // Cute SW and me.

The Bunny and I celebrated his birthday with his family by having dinner at the recently revamped 72-year-old Minetta Tavern. This trendy-again resto retains its old decor, which showcases amazing murals of historic New York images. The food is a great draw, too--so good, in fact, that halfway through our meal celebrity chef Mario Batali and family sat down at the table next to us!

Bunny prepares to blow out the birthday candle on his hazelnut crepes.

Blurry Bunny and me.

The 2:5 weekend to weekday ratio isn't ever in our favor, but it's great when you're able to make the most of it! Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend such a great one!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Musings

I had a TRULY extraordinary weekend, and will be sure to blog about it when I have more time this evening. In the meantime, here are some thoughts that have swirled around in my mind today:
  • Sometimes dumplings just hit the spot, even though they used to make me ill when I was a child. I bought some for lunch from the Rickshaw truck and they made my day.
  • What makes a friendship worth saving? I have long held that if romantic relationships are allowed to reach a terminus then friendships can as well. I have certainly fallen out of love with friends in the same manner that I've fallen out of love with men. It's hard to quit anything, particularly when you love someone (be it romantic devotion or platonic admiration), but sometimes you have to cut your losses, be thankful for the memories, and move on to something new where your efforts are more likely to be appreciated and rewarded.
  • HOW MUCH LONGER CAN IT RAIN IN NYC? I am increasingly coming to terms with the idea that I might not be able to enjoy several of the things I love most about summer. All this, despite the fact that I am typically someone who LOVES rain and dreary weather (read: I desperately want to live in London and Seattle for the long-term during my lifetime). Wah.
  • I think BLC from The Company She Keeps is one of the most cheery, positive people in my life, and I haven't even met her in person! Her enthusiasm and warmth are undoubtedly contagious, and I thank her for every kind word she's ever sent my way.
  • My unadulterated JOY at planning an itinerary for my trip to Paris makes it clear to me that I am born to be a planner, organizer, early-adopter, and influencer. Now, to segue that revelation into a career...
  • What will I ever come up with between now and Wednesday to sufficiently surprise and celebrate my dearest Bunny for his birthday? For someone who prides herself on being a creative planner, I have procrastinated and have NO GOOD IDEAS to boot. Welcoming any and all suggestions...
  • I think I MUST HAVE these shoes. As LAB would say, they are soooo Chez 'Tinie. Parfait for Paris, non?

That's all for now...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

1) My new haircut and new salon!

2) Poladroid Project.
This amazing (and FREE) software lets you turn an ordinary photo...

...into a spectacular (and nostalgia-inducing) digital Polaroid!

3) Drinks at The Rose Bar with MBM!
I sadly didn't take any photos. The Rose Bar is a very sexy venue inside the Gramercy Park Hotel, with one of the best cocktail menus in the City. Nearly half of the menu is made with Hendricks Gin, which is my spirit of choice. (Truly, if you drink Hendricks it will ruin you to all other gin.) I have had the privilege of being served cocktails that were handmade by the mixologist who created the entire Rose Bar menu, and she DEFINITELY knows what she's doing. Last night I had two Garden of Edens and am already craving another...MBM ordered a Diamonds and Pearls (Reyka vodka, Lillet Blanc, freshly muddled blackberries, touch of coconut) and shared a sip with me--it was a joy to drink.

4) S.U.M.M.E.R. F.R.I.D.A.Y.S
My company allows me to select one Friday in June, July and August to take off. Today was the day for June! I started my day by sleeping in, running to my hair appointment, strolling through SoHo, shopping in NoLIta, and doing a tiny bit of work from home with Law & Order and Lifetime movies on in the background.

The Bunny and I are going in a little over a month. Buying the tickets tonight! Mon Lapin--Je t'aime plus qu'hier, moins que demain...

Bon Week-end!

Foxy LOCKS-y: Finally. A Haircut.




in the adorable salon // taking a cheesy photo of myself

I went to an AMAZING new salon in NoLIta (North of Little Italy) called Fox & Boy this morning and entrusted my precious locks to the attentive and loving hands of the delightful Julie Dickson. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the only salon I will visit from now on.

For those of you who have been following my hair dilemma posts (exhibit 1 and exhibit 2), you know I've contemplated bangs and a bob. After complaining to Julie that I:

1) Wanted to mix things up, and have had the same side-swept bangs since a trip to Italy at age 17 during which I "reenacted" my interpretation of Audrey Hepburn's haircut in "Roman Holiday,"


2) Don't want to feel like a soccer mom anymore...

... Julie said: "A bob will instantly make you look 30 years old, the same way a bob aged Katie Holmes. And bangs are what you've always had, so let's do something different." I can be picky about my hair but Julie is a great listener, a beautiful gal, and has GREAT training so she clearly knows what she's doing. I decided to trust her implicity.

The result is a great layered cut, which we both agree reminds us of a Brigitte Bardot/Catherine Deneuve-in-the-'70s style. As you may recall, I love the '70s and ADORE Catherine Deneuve!

I stepped out of the salon into dreary, humid NYC and melted a bit (which explains why the "After" pictures aren't as great as I might have hoped) but I feel absolutely great about this style.

And I feel so fortunate to have found my new hair home!

(p.s. Daily Candy and NYMag agree!)

Cheers and best of luck to Julie and the F&B gang!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cute Little Treat.

Click this--I promise it will make you smile.

Happy Thursday from RAINY, DREARY New York City!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

22 Months.

And let me pause in the midst of my ranting and raving to note that today is my 22 month anniversary with The Bunny!

Not yet a year (only 2 months to go!), but something worth celebrating nonetheless.
Love you, Bunny. You're the best.


Rant and Rave.

You know what I hate more than most things?

When people whistle in public.

You know what I hate more than that?

When people take their dogs EVERYWHERE.

You know what I hate more than that?

Jean skirts.

You know what I hate more than that?


You know what I hate more than that?

Crocs with bling.

You know what I hate more than that?

You know what I hate more than that?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Recap: One of the most pleasant in recent memory.

After my stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, the Bunny convinced me to have dinner at Daniel Boulud's first downtown restaurant, DBGB (located yards away from the former CBGB).

EJS and Me. // We made The Bunny sit by himself.

Then CHW joined us, so I showed The Bunny a bit of love.

Left: My burger. After all, the resto's name stands for "Daniel Boulud Good Burger."
Right: EJS' amazing hot dog.

Leave it to the French to make a perfect souffle. I'm glad my friends lent helping hands with eating this treat.

The Bunny and I joined EJS and AKK for brunch at August in the West Village, one of my favorite brunch spots. It was EJS and AKK's first time there and they loved it, too!

My burger. YES, another burger. Don't judge. // The Bunny's Eggs en Cocotte.

With EJS and AKK, happy after a delicious brunch.

We walked off our meals by venturing over to the Meatpacking District to visit The High Line (which I previously blogged about) on its opening weekend!

A view of the elevated line from the Street.

As you walk up the stairs from the Gansevoort Street entrance, a view of The Standard Hotel greets you.

Nature and man-made rail lines intertwined.

Standing on the old rail ties.

A view of DVF's apartment (glass geometric building).

Another souvenir photo from our great day together.

View of the Empire State Building.

The High Line is well equipped to be a great public park with plenty of seating areas. //
Some of the lounge seats have wheels and can roll along the old rail tracks!

A glassed-off section peers onto 10th Avenue. // How it looks from the Street level.


As we neared the end of the open part of the High Line (two more sections are under construction), the rain began to fall. We hurried to shelter inside of Chelsea Market, where we snacked on Fat Witch brownies and Eleni's cookies.

I think my friends are so lovely under their umbrellas.

E for EJS. // My lobster cookie is now a cull... // A for AKK.

We were all having such fun together that we continued to find ways to entertain ourselves as a group. We shopped on Fifth Avenue, where I typed on the Kate Spade "Tweetwriter" typewriter. You can type a message under 140 characters, and it may appear on Kate's Twitter!

"I love that Kate is from Kansas just like me! love, CJM"

AKK, the Southern Belle, purchased a wide brim sun hat at J.Crew; I made her model it at dinner. We all saw the movie "UP" at a theatre in Chelsea, said a quick hello to LAT at The Blind Tiger, and finished our night with dinner at Home in the West Village.

AKK in her new hat. // Chocolate chip cookies at Home, courtesy of the management.

I missed the Big Apple BBQ (which I attended last year) but still craved BBQ. I satiated my hunger with a BBQ fix at Hill Country instead. I am very biased toward Blue Smoke, but Hill Country serves EXCELLENT brisket. And though I am a lactard, I appreciate the authenticity of their serving Blue Bell ice cream! It's a true blue Texas joint! The Bunny and I were fortunate enough to have our friend DJ join us. It was a great time, and several hours of good eating and fun conversation had passed before we knew it.

Green Bean Casserole, Campfire Baked Beans, Lean Briskets, and Iced Tea. //
A PB&J Cupcake: Tastes just like the sandwich and has grape jelly inside!

Sunday evening brought me back to reality, but it was truly good while it lasted.