Saturday, March 7, 2009

J'adore Dior....enfin

The consequence of my oft-lauded talent for observation is that I'm overly critical... I'm working on it.

Until I overcome this affliction, however, let me share something my friends know all too well: There's an ever-growing (and already lengthy) list of things which I think are TRULY OVERRATED. Samplings from this list will continue to crop up as I write this blog, but let me quickly enumerate a few stand-outs:

-Marc Jacobs. I dislike him almost to the point of resentment.

-'80s Fashion. '90s Fashion. (I lived through both and have less than no nostalgia for either period.)

-Agyness Deyn. I think the world has finally fallen out of love with her, but let me say that I've seen her in person and "quirky" does not always translate as "beautiful" or even "interesting."

-John Galliano. In the past 12 years I think he's taken the House of Dior and made it frequently scary rather than reliably gorgeous.

BUT. I'm not unwilling to change my mind, particularly in light of Friday's incredible showing in Paris. Some say he copied Poiret. Others say he compromised his artistry to be more marketable in this terrible economy. But I don't care. I think it's all divine.

I am truly in love with this collection. The '70s are my ideal fashion decade, but the '20s are a close second. The cut and color of this coat is sophisticated without being sexy in any cliched way. The fur detail, embroidery, and frog buttons are just the right finishing touches.
I even love the styling. The make-up and hair are perfect for these clothes.
I am in love.

That delicate-fierce balance that JG always attempts, but which I rarely respond to, at its FINEST.

I think fur is divine. Paired with this fabric and expert tailoring, it's beautiful as a suit or a coat and recalls 1920s Paris.

Now THAT'S how you do a wrap dress.

And, JG included in a few of shoes that surely satisfy his need for the avant-garde.
Sneaky, snarky, and sassy.


(All photos are from To view this complete collection, click here)

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