Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

This was QUITE the week. I wasn't sure I would survive, but once again we've arrived at Friday. If that's not reason enough to smile, here are several others:

1) The World's Smallest Postal Service.
Leafcutter Designs offers several ingenious products, not the least of which is the WSPS.

The original idea was for senders to track down a roving WSPS carrier in the San Francisco area. Once found, they would transcribe your (brief) message onto a tiny piece of paper, which was then folded into a baby envelope, closed with a teensy wax seal bearing your initials, and sent on its merry way to a very lucky friend. Whimsical though that wild goose chase was, they wised up and now offer e-commerce orders, as well as special holiday parcels. I'm sending some STAT.

2) Good Numbers.
As some of you know, I've been attending Weight Watchers and lost 5.4 pounds in my first week. Since then I've skipped the gym and indulged in a few decadent meals. Fearing that I might have gained weight from a handful of Fat Witch brownies last weekend, this week I got serious and went to the gym everyday. I am happy to report that since I lost the 5.4lbs four weeks ago, I haven't gained an ounce back. Plateauing is a blessing when you've eaten as many brownies as I have.
Also, my blog surpassed 2000 views on Tuesday and is growing by the hour. I love seeing readers from all over the world. Please leave me comments--I want to hear what you have to say!

3) Wish-Making Matches
You can dispense these or keep them for yourself.
The idea is that you can grant 3 selfish wishes (e.g. "I WANT A PONY")
and 3 selfless wishes (e.g. "I want a pony that my friends can also ride...sometimes").

I think it's just a simple, lovely idea.

4) This Meta-Moment.
(From Face Hunter)

5) Gift Cards with Snark.
It seems like gifts fall into three categories: frivolous, overly-practical, or a poor match for the recipient. So why not at least hit the right note with these gift cards:

6) Chatting ATT with TAG.
It's OOC.

7) Unorthodox Childrens' Rockers.
In this case it's a praying mantis, an insect that normally terrifies me. But I grant a lot of artistic license to childrens' toy makers and tend to be fascinated by most of what I find. I discovered this item on My Notting Hill, a great blog about interior design.

As someone who had (and loved) an unusual childhood rocker, I happily embrace the clever mantis. And I can't wait to pass the elephant on to my children.



JGIWC said...

MUHUAHAHAH. I love you!

Kate said...

That elephant rocker is amazing!