Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you a Muffy or a Hopsy?

As a Princeton alumna, a former Sotheby's girl, and someone who's "glimpsed" behind the green door of Lilly Pulitzer, you could say that I'm a Prep partly by osmosis but also by choice. Growing up I took all my fashion and lifestyle cues from Jackie O., though I also continually question my aesthetic identity (living in NYC's East Village helps spur my creative dabbling).

  • I believe in monogrammed totes and stationery.
  • I believe in pearls.
  • I believe in bows, particularly on headbands and ballet flats.
  • I believe in popped collars.

UNFORTUNATELY, I despise most things which are hot pink or feature palm trees (too clichéd), and I think monogrammed koozies and tumblers may be the end of civilization.

BUT!!! Preps have fun. And just to prove it, here's a tongue-in-cheek game for you to play:


Here are some of my returns:

1) Osborne Audley Bentley the Fourth, aka BITSY

2) Weatherley Lenox Kilbourn the Sixth, aka BABS

3) Britton Willoughby Buckley the Sixth, aka MUFFY

4) Summerfield Barrington Worthington the Fourth, aka KIKI

and my favorite:

5) Calloway Farnsworth Newell the Third, aka BOOTSY

The Official Preppy Handbook offers "Corky" as my nickname, but I'll take BOOTSY anyday!

What names do you get? Leave Comments to let me know!

Cxx (aka BOOTSY)

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JGIWC said...

Heatherly Lauder Duval the Fourth AKA Tibby. Works for me!