Monday, March 9, 2009

"There was more than one LOBSTER present at the birth of Jesus?"

Taking things down a notch from haute couture to Midwestern musings....

Though I've been living on the East Coast for almost 6 years, I grew up in the Midwest, landlocked by at least 2 states on all sides. Seafood, sailing, and nautical life are not frequently listed among Kansas' MANY attractions (though we do have a giant yacht docked-- on turf-- in the middle of my hometown).

So imagine my surprise when I went to the Hamptons last summer and fell in love with aquatic life, and more specifically, with LOBSTERS. They are delicious to eat and fun to look at.

Today, gentle readers, I submit a tribute to my favorite preppy animal...
Apparently some people love lobsters more than I do.

The French on this shirt says:
« J'ai le goût des homards, qui sont tranquilles, sérieux, savent les secrets de la mer, n'aboient pas... »
Which translates as:
"I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark..."
Apparently the words of French poet Gérard de Nerval. That's quite the endorsement.


It's a little disputed fact among myself and my friends (back me up on this, TAG) that kids have the most fun/best luck at J.Crew. In this case, the Crew Cut boys take the cake with this AMAZING lobster claw belt! I'm jealous....and, yes, my waistline is too big.

Fortunately, L.L. Bean offers a trifecta of lobster delights in my size. Behold:
1) Lobster tote

2) Lobster scarf

3) Lobster wellies

(Do these remind Lilly Lovers of last year's Ceviche print?)
Tucker Blair rounds out the wardrobe with a cute headband:

Mittens! These may be better than the Kate Spades I was trying to track down all winter.

And I don't discriminate. Here's something for The Gents from Vineyard Vines. If only I could get The Bunny into these, but he's completely resistant to all things that are good for him.

Most companies, especially the Preps, offer a variation on the theme of a needlepoint lobster belt. Smathers and Branson's version is my favorite because they alternate the animal with

There's a range of cute lobster jewelry from the higher end (Tiffany) to the lower end (Erickson Beamon for Target):

I lament that the greatest oceanic-jewelry designer of our time doesn't have something out for lobsters, though it's possible they were part of a previous collection. But just look at what Antonio Palladino did with an octopus, as modeled by Judy of Atlantis Home:

I demand equal treatment for the lobster!
Seriously, what's not to love?



JGIWC said...

I sure will back you up on that CJM!

My mom has the EB lobster necklace.

My dad has the men's lobster claw belt from J. Crew.

.joy.and.alanna. said...

this is SUCH a cute post! i love all of these fab lobster finds and i will def confess that i love lobsters too - unfortunately i refuse to wear red (redhead) so i cannot indulge in my obsession...i've got a good starfish thing going, though. love your new blog, got to it from JGIWC's!