Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Musings

Oh, Monday...

Good News: The tulips are budding along Park Avenue!
I saw them with my own eyes yesterday. This gives me faith that Spring really is coming. I am currently plagued by my second cold in a month's time, so I reallllly need Spring to GET A MOVE ON ASAP.
Bad News: "Great Depression Cooking."
This seems, somehow, so very very wrong:
Funny News: Unjustified Confidence in One's Singing/Teaching Abilities.
Real or Fake, I can't stop laughing:
Makes-You-Go-"Wah Wah"-News: Deli woman makes me feel ugly.
This morning at a deli where I frequently get my morning coffee, I am told by the Burmese check-out girl that I look just like her cousin.
I say, "Oh, my mother is Chinese, perhaps that's why!"
She responds, "No, you have same color brown hair, same color brown eyes, and teeth,
F my life...?
Quote of the Day:
"Dalyah Duek-Flaks acknowledges that opening her new Madison Avenue diamond store, Dalyah, is about as well-timed as opening a cake shop on the eve of the French Revolution."
(Bless the NYTimes)

Not sure if this is a tally, but I'm pretty confident that I come out on bottom.


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