Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank YOU for bein' a friend.

I love Gossip Girl. When I first encountered the books I thought they were soul-sucking, ethics-destroying harbingers of doom. And honestly, I think you could say the same is true of the TV series...but somehow I have welcomed it into my life, embraced it, defended it, and really miss it when it's not around. I believe that Leighton Meester has single-handedly elevated TV-acting to an art form. And what would my Tuesday mornings be without NYMag's Daily Intel report?

So what better way to celebrate the end of its hiatus of 238902342 weeks than by dressing up like GGs and dining in Chuck Bass' wake?

As soon as I found out that the marketing masterminds behind one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Park Avenue Winter (which is also delightful be it Spring, Summer or Autumn), were hosting a gratis dinner for all Blair and Serena doppelgangers in celebration of the resto's cameo on GG, I grabbed 3 friends (TAG, LAB and LAT), grabbed the phone, and grabbed a table with our names on it.

In the spirit of GG, PAW offered unparalleled hospitality.
  • Choice of Appetizer: I chose French Onion Soup with Braised Beef Gruyère Crouton
  • Choice of Entrée: I had Filet Mignon, Braised Short Rib, Root Vegetables
  • Choice of Two Plates for the Table: We selected Potato Latkes and Crispy Cauliflower
  • Choice of Dessert: I nibbled on Warm Walnut Gingerbread Cake, with Apple Puree, Spiced Raisins & Cinnamon
  • Choice of Drinks: I sipped a delightful La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti
By limiting myself to a few satisfying bites of each course, I was able to delight my senses while staying within my daily WW points allowance. And who cares about the food when you have this gorgeous company:

TAG: Perfectly Preppy as ever in Phillip Lim and Burberry,
and me, in Ralph Lauren and Max Azria

LAB: the J.Crew Jewel, and
LAT: The Brooks Brothers Baroness

Polite young ladies, right at home in plaids, tweeds, cardis and pleats:

Next themed-dinner idea? Dress up like THESE GGs:



BLC :o said...

You girls are too cute! I heart GG too. Xoxo-BLC

JGIWC said...

A perfect summary of a perfect night.

Lula Mae said...

Looked like so much fun, and all of your outfits are so cute. Wish I could have gone :(

Kate said...

How fun! I can't believe the dinner was free!