Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Beep Beep! Who's got the keys to the Jeep?"

As I mentioned in my last post, I have inside connections to the pink and green world of Lilly Pulitzer. A lot of exciting things are happening at Lilly right now, centered around the company's JUBILEE! Happy 50th birthday, LP!

Today LP was the star of the Martha Stewart Show. I didn't organize myself in time to get tickets, but have several friends who attended and I can't wait to get the details from them.

To kick-start the excitement for today's events, Lilly hosted two parties at the Madison Avenue townhouse last night and I was fortunate enough to attend one of them.

A beautiful spread of Pink and Green cupcakes, napkins and cookies greeted guests:

More ambiance (books wrapped in Lilly paper from the new stationery line):

After some socializing, my friends and I got to work on the most important thing: SHOPPING!

GAS (yep!) wouldn't let me show his face, but I snapped this shot of him to prove that some people are even more compulsive shoppers than I am:

TAG and I were be-bowed and causing mischief in the Minnies room (as per usual). And yes, I purchased a child-sized headband before I left. It's white with pink threading and ADORABLE (GAS, the enabler, said it was a MUST).

(all the best stuff is in the Minnies collection)

One of the most exciting elements of the Jubilee year is that LP has brought back many vintage-inspired prints and designs. Lilly has always loved TIGERS but we haven't seen much of them in recent years. FINALLY(!), the fancies of THIS Princeton Tiger (yours truly) are satiated with some cute tigerish items:

Minnies Shorts (thank God I have a niece to buy these for):

Patchwork Print:

And the ADORABLE Lovell dress in "Tiger Lilly" print.
Everyone said I had to buy it, and it WOULD be fun to wear to Princeton Reunions (too bad it's not orange and black), but I practiced restraint and will wait until I shed a few pounds before purchasing this frock:

I took a close-up of the fabric (my favorite mascot reclining on my favorite flower):

Mission accomplished. Ready to hop in the Lilly Jubilee Jeep and speed away to warmer climes!



Patrice said...

idea: i want to get colin something lilly for his bday in june. it will be so far from the college hoodies/batman t-shirts that comprise his entire wardrobe. you'll have to help me pick something out!

JGIWC said...

You are oh-so-precious.

CJM said...

Patrice--I will ABSOLUTELY help you pick something for Colin! Give me an idea of what you might want (shirt, baby tie, etc.) and a budget and I'll present you with some great options!!!

Teddi--You are so sweet and a dear friend. Isn't that photo of us precious? My fave EVER!

JGIWC said...

It sure is.

Was GAS wearing that tie the whole time?