Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A new reason to LOVE Paris in the Springtime...

When mon amie Parisienne, MLPR, visited me in NYC last summer, she knew I was going to drag her around to several cupcake shops. She's a petite little thing, and wasn't expecting the average serving size at Crumbs (one of my favorite bakeries) to be approximately the size of her head. She and her petit chou, the dashing FV, selected Crumbs' smallest cupcake and could barely finish it between the two of them.

During our snack time, I realized I didn't know the French word for "cupcake" and inquired. MLPR and FV confirmed there wasn't such a word.
Fortunately, MLPR emailed me today to say that the French have amended their ways, usurped the English word (we're happy to share it!), and, voila!

"Enfin" is right.
MLPR just moved into a new apartment and has invited me to pay a visit (it's only fair since I haven't been to Paris since 2005, but she's paid me at least 3 visits in that time).
As if she herself wasn't worth the trip, the cupcakes are pushing me over the edge.
MLPR works in Advertising for Louis Vuitton and let me just say, THIS GIRL KNOWS HOW TO MARKET AN IDEA.

Is it unpatriotic to use my stimulus check to travel to France?

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