Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jewelry by my Homeslice: The Whole Slice Jewelry

One Autumn day at Princeton, several of us took a fieldtrip to a Brooklyn art gallery and P.S. 1.
My good friend and classmate, Marisa Reisel, made an early trek to the City to buy art supplies (as well as an outrageous pair of leggings--but that's a separate story). During this part of her day, a stranger stopped to inquire where she purchased the amazing pizza earrings she was wearing. When she kindly informed him they were made by her own hand, he ordered four pairs ON THE SPOT to give as gifts to friends.

And thus began what would eventually become Marisa's company,

Meanwhile, I (naughty child) was playing around and generally embarrassing the professor and classmates with whom we were traveling...

Not sure what I'm doing here in the courtyard of P.S. 1

Performance art (ha) outside the Southfirst Gallery.

Marisa is a crafty gal. She has a BA in Visual Arts from Princeton. Her Senior Thesis show swept the department awards. She trained at Yale's School of Art in Norfolk, and was awarded a fellowship to study painting in Spain. She can style thrift store finds into the cutest outfit you've ever seen. And she even achieves the impossible by making a Princeton beer jacket look sexy:

Her creativity extends to her jewelry designs.
The idea behind the company's name is that a slice is part of a whole, just like the pizza above, or the crudite platter below:

The earring set for any hostess with the mostess.

Mac & Cheese. A piece for each ear makes a lovely pair.

There are "Whole" servings too, like this cherry pie pendant; good enough to eat.

Marisa enjoys designing most when she's turning your ideas into delectable, pint-sized creations. I own cupcake earrings and a teapot/teacup earring set, all custom-crafted just for me. My dear friend LAB custom-ordered a bagel and lox cream cheese earring pair that turned out brilliantly. The possibilities are endless. In a world of mass-manufacturing, it's nice to have a handmade treasure created with you in mind.

She's offering my readers a special discount! Email her at to take advantage.

You are what you eat if you WEAR what you eat.
Here's lookin' at you, Cupcake.


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Quite the entrepreneurs - both of you! I love it!