Friday, March 13, 2009

The Perfect Stationery!

In a world stuffed to overflowing with pretty but VERY GENERIC things, the truly GREAT objects really bowl you over.

This is precisely how I felt when I saw The Peak of Chic's post about Gadabout Papers.
I was so excited about these products that I broke my own rule re: not posting more than once a day! (tsk, tsk)

  • Pen and Paper is truly my favorite medium.
  • I adore monogramming.
  • I love clever twists on old concepts.
And Gadabout anticipates--and executes perfectly on--these preferences.

This settee with signet-monogrammed pillow smartly incorporates your monogram, but not at the cost of beautiful design.

This set of necklaces displays beautiful silhouettes to strike just the right traditional vs. modern balance, and slips in an engraved pendant to exhibit your initials!

Everything they feature is so beautiful. I know I CANNOT PASS UP owning a piece of this craftiness. But I am too overwhelmed to make up my mind!!

Should I get this one? I used to make stationery like this for myself. I LOVE a good monogrammed bag!

Or maybe this one? (Which reminds me of an old Kate Spade print, below, that I always wanted):

As I have previously noted, crabs always get the best treatment:

Click here to visit/view/buy from the Gadabout Papers blog, and their sister-site, Gallivant Papers.

P.S. "Dreck is Dreck and no amount of polish is ever going to make it anything else." -Linda Ellerbee


Kate said...

Just found your blog through TAG. I was at the Lilly party on Tuesday but never came upstairs (who knew so many girls were up there??).

I love that first design!

Patrice said...

why don't YOU start your own stationary business? you could make such awesome designs ... your handwriting and sketches were always stellar. consider?

Madame Monogram said...

As the Madame of Monograms, I have to say that this is the BEST monogrammed stationary I have EVER seen! I think I may have to order some for myself!

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous illustrations!


Preppy In The City said...

I love this stationary. Terrific find!

JGIWC said...

These are FANTASTIC. As is the quote, of course.

.joy.and.alanna. said...

oh my gosh, too gorgeous...also was at j. crew the other day and thought about your post on lobsters - there are absolutely loads on their tissue tees!