Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My AMAZING Weekend: Not just a Cheap Trick.

I had an especially eventful weekend. I didn't take photos of everything I did, so I send apologies to those friends with whom I spent time and made memories that I am not recording here. Let me offer some highlights from a truly wonderful weekend...

The Bunny's dear college friend, S, celebrated an important birthday this past weekend, and we trekked down to Saddle River, NJ on Saturday evening to partake in the event.
The party was hosted in an enormous tent in S's backyard:

(Birthday party? Or a WEDDING?!)

After cocktails, dancing to the band (above), and dining on a multi-course sit down dinner, we were asked to exit through the rear of the tent for a surprise. Since it was raining, the ladies were given flip flops to change into to save their shoes, and everyone was handed a monogrammed "S's Birthday" flashlight. We followed a tiki torchlit path for several yards and came to a clearing that revealed yet another tent:

A few minutes later, the purpose of the second tent became clear: we were treated to a private concert by S's favorite band, Cheap Trick! CT is a truly great band, known to my contemporaries for their hit "I Want You To Want Me," but respected by many generations for their innovative style, great musicianship, and influence on other bands. They are ranked #25 in VH1's 100 Greatest Rock Groups list.

I was delighted.
I was even more delighted when lead singer Robin Zander kissed my hand later in the evening!

Guitarist and songwriter Rick Nielsen is known for his extensive (2000+) collection of crazy guitars. This double-necked one, which looks just like him (baseball cap, bowtie, sneakers), was my favorite. He's also known for throwing souvenir guitar picks into the audience during every concert; The Bunny and I came home with at least 5...and more may be buried in the depths of my handbag.

I mean, it's S's party and he'll hire Cheap Trick if he wants to!

It was a GREAT party and a wonderful celebration of life for S, who nearly died several years ago due to medical complications. L'Chaim! The Bunny and I were so honored to be part of the fun.

My great friend and mentor, SW, kindly met me for a long-overdue brunch at Telepan. This lovely Upper West Side resto offers a delicious brunch and un-rushed service, which allowed us to enjoy our food as well as our conversation. I can't wait for our next "date"!

My "Fallen Pancakes Souffle" // Cute SW and me.

The Bunny and I celebrated his birthday with his family by having dinner at the recently revamped 72-year-old Minetta Tavern. This trendy-again resto retains its old decor, which showcases amazing murals of historic New York images. The food is a great draw, too--so good, in fact, that halfway through our meal celebrity chef Mario Batali and family sat down at the table next to us!

Bunny prepares to blow out the birthday candle on his hazelnut crepes.

Blurry Bunny and me.

The 2:5 weekend to weekday ratio isn't ever in our favor, but it's great when you're able to make the most of it! Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend such a great one!

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