Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I finally met B.S....and that's no B.S.!

Last year I had the good fortune to attend the Inside the Actor's Studio taping of James Lipton's interview with Brooke Shields. For the three hour duration of the event, I stared at Brooke in complete awe: She is an intelligent, accomplished and compassionate woman...with IMPOSSIBLY GLOSSY HAIR. Did I mention she's also Princeton class of 1987?

This was the best shot I could get of her at the time:

Last night, my fortunes took a turn for the better when I attended a Lilly Pulitzer party that honored Brooke and her clothing designs for Lilly's Colorful Cause initiative, and had the privilege of meeting the woman herself.

The photos on my camera aren't as great as the ones taken by SAB of Sunshine in the City, so I'm borrowing hers and giving her many thanks for sending them along to me! (Also, it was so fun seeing you last night, SAB!)

Left to Right: EJS, CJM, BCS, LAT, new friend L, and TAG

The story: I basically hovered around Brooke until it looked like her handlers were directing her to exit the upstairs of the store. Fearing that my opportunity would pass me by, I sort of leaped over to her and said "HI!" to which she, a bit startled, responded "Hi!"
I said, "My friends and I went to Princeton and we just think you're the best!" LAT added that she was in Cap and Gown, Brooke's eating club, and I added that I was in The Triangle Club, a student-written musical comedy club that Brooke performed with while a co-ed. She was enthusiastic and warm and honored our request for a photo. Afterward, she wished us good luck with our theses (done and done!) and departed.

At the Inside the Actor's Studio taping I was really taken with how beautiful she was from afar, but up close she is perhaps the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Pretty Baby, indeed!

I feel a bit like I attacked her, but EJS assures me that I was calm and sweet about the whole thing. I sure hope so.

Aren't my blogger buddies so lovely? TAG and SAB

Giving a little loving to my dear friend (and wannabe boyfriend) GAS:

Afterward, EJS, LAT and I had dinner at Serafina and enjoyed a lovely post-dinner stroll through the Upper East Side.

Only in New York...


Sunshine In The City said...

Lovely to see you as well! Looking forward to another dinner date with you and TAG soon!

ps - I'll make you some lemon cupcakes soon too!

Needs Help said...

so glad brooke was gracious in speaking to you, i've always liked her! cute pics :)

BLC :o said...

Apple of my eye post! Xoxo-BLC