Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Bunny.

Any moment now...

The Bunny will wake up to this door decor:

And see this festive living room display:

And be met by this delightful gift spread:

Which Includes:
-Requisite birthday crown
-Rainbow Cookies (the Bunny's favorite) from Crumbs
-un Ballon Rouge next to his passport, to get him excited for our upcoming trip to Paris!
-A 3-D personalized birthday card (complete with glasses)

-A tiny music box with hand-crank that plays "Here Comes the Sun" for my sunshine boy

-A Sew Easy BUNNY KIT, which contains all necessary materials and instructions for sewing a little stuffed BUNNY(!!!!!); because MY Bunny is just SEW EASY to love

And then he will exit the apartment building to see this MOST FANTASTIC greeting on the sidewalk:

...As he goes about his special birthday.

(You know how much I love you.)


Sunshine In The City said...

I love it! Especially the sidewalk drawings!!! Great Job!

BLC :o said...

Happy Birthday to Bunny! You are the best-birthday-fun-thrower-ever! I was sold at balloons ... but you said the best for last. Sidewalk chalk- LOVE it!!! I hope you enjoy his day too. Xoxo-BLC

Barry said...

So what did he think???