Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

Today my one and only sister turns 33!
JEMS is pretty perfect.
In high school she was the co-captain of the cheerleading squad, captain of the swim team, first chair cellist in the youth symphony, attended college on full merit scholarship, was VP of her sorority (Gamma Phi Beta), married the man of her dreams, and attended med school.
Since graduating from med school, she has traveled and lived all over the world as an Air Force doctor: Iceland, Tasmania, Singapore, Hungary, Alaska, and Colombia are among the more interesting places she's been. In the last three years, she and IMS (my wonderful brother-in-law) have adopted two amazing children and blessed my life by making me an aunt.
Now my sister lives in Japan and I miss her, IMS, and the little nuggets very much. Thank God for Skype! I am trying to save my pennies in order to cross the Pacific ASAP!

Dad, JEMS, Mom & Me: Wedding day, June 2009. Congrats on 10 years together, J & I!

J & I visited me in England during my summer study at Cambridge University in 2000. Here we are at the entrance to Trinity College (Prince Charles' alma mater).

IMS, JEMS and MPS in Hawaii, 2007. I adore this photo.

My sister is also super crafty and very clever. Take a peek at her Halloween costume ideas:

Halloween 2006: Pilot, JEMS was a stewardess, and a SNACK BAG OF PEANUTS.

Halloween 2007: Piratess, MPS as a Parrot, and KKS as a Treasure Map.

Halloween 2008 theme: "We're Not in Kansas Anymore."

MPS is such a little preppy charmer, and KKS is darling in a dress.

My life is more wonderful and full for having you as my sister, J.
I hope this is your best year yet!



ms. mindless said...

those kids are too adorable! i want them!

Kate said...

Happy birthday to your sister! You are so lucky to be an aunt to such cute kiddos :)

LPC said...

Well hello there. Completely unrelated comment here, but I just dropped by via JGWC having found out that you are a Princeton grad. I'm Class of '78, yeah old, but more importantly my daughter is Class of 2009 and my son will be Class of 2012. *waving my hat with the rest of us*

thepreppyprincess said...

Happy birthday to your sister Miss CJM, you must miss her immensely. Can we just talk about how darling those babies are? Goodness gracious, precious little ones!

Thanks for sharing all the pix, this is a neat post.

BLC :o said...

Omg, the cutest family ever!!! You two are so pretty ... and I am LOVING her Halloween-hipness! Xoxo-BLC