Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summertime Tag!

The ever-generous and always lovely BLC at The Company She Keeps has tagged me in a fun little quiz:
The top five things I loooooove about summer are....

1) Taking afternoon naps in the grass and sunshine of Central Park.
I've had the most restful sleep of my life there.

2) Wearing Lilly sundresses.

3) Eating corn on the cob.
This is the Kansas side coming out.

4) Snacking on watermelon.
Nothing more satisfying in the summer, in my opinion.

5) Having the sun lighten up my hair.
I love strolling EVERYWHERE in the summer. When I do so, the sun shines on my head and shoulders and turns my dark brunette into an auburn shade, attributed to my red-headed paternal grandmother. My lighter hair reminds me to be happy that the days are sunny and that I share something with my Grandma, whom I otherwise look NOTHING like.

Now it's my turn to tag!
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Kate said...

Love your list, especially 2,3,and 4 :)

Thanks for the tag!

BLC :o said...

Yaya! Thanks for playing lovebug. Xoxo-BLC