Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mama needs a Haircut. She needs them ALL cut.

I won't lie. I like my shiny hair.
(Favorite Sex and the City quote: "Do you think my hair's too shiny today?")
But when it loses its luminescence...I know it's time for a haircut.
Wah wah.

I tend to dread haircuts the way I used to dread the gym:
Knowing full well that it's GOOD for me and will make me HAPPIER after the fact,
but resenting the inconvenient hours, the expense, and the feeling of hopeless un-coolness that comes with being amongst the better-looking people I encounter when I go.

It also brings about an existential crisis that's totally unmerited by something as transient as the length and shape of my hair. Sometimes I delay a very necessary haircut simply because I can't decide WHAT TO DO with myself.

-Do I take the plunge and bob it?
-Do I keep the bangs?
-Will another go at layers make me look like Jennifer Aniston circa 1996 or, worse, a suburban soccer mom?
-Did I really love my last stylist enough to go back?
-Should I trust the devil I know?

Choppy above-the-eyebrow bangs? (Got them twice in 2008 but remain unconvinced)

Blunt-cut bangs? (Actually, I'm pretty sure we can just rule this one out...)

Side-swept bangs that fall just below my eyes? (My mother HATES this.)

Short(er) with Bangs vs. Short(er) withOUT Bangs?

Long(er) with Bangs vs. Long(er) withOUT Bangs?
(Note: These probably look identical to the untrained eye, but I lived through it and trust me, they aren't the same)

Help me decide! I will also take Manhattan salon recommendations.

As I mull over this crisis, I will be comforted by dinner in an hour with TAG and SITC!


Patrice said...

when i first got the side-swept bangs, my mother told me i was going to get run over by a bus or tube (i was just about headed to london) because i wouldn't be able to see it coming. the first stylist who did them did a horrible job, and a subsequent stylist switched the side they swooped to and it made a huge difference. i remember when you got these bangs back in high school ... i loved them so much but never thought i'd be daring enough to try them. that's why it took me a few years.

i just cut my hair shoulder length (rachie just posted some pics on fb) and i'm not digging it. i liked it how it was in all of tara's photos with the ballerinas, but for some reason, cut it off. i think will grow longer again.

sorry that's no help to you, just my recent hair rant! i love you with the side-swept bangs!

Lula Mae said...

Okay, first off, in all honestly, I love the sideswept bangs on you with medium length hair:) however they are all adorable (although, my least fav is the short blunt bangs). When I went to Columbia I had longer ones---and then when I went to UPenn, I cut them a bit shorter...which was an awful idea.

Good luck!

Miss Monogram said...

I have this same problem--I need a haircut but I just can't decide which way to go. Maintain what's already goin on or cut it shorter and go with something new...

Erica said...

You know what I am going to say. Do something fucking CRAZAY. I mean like bob that shit. Do something that you might otherwise not, I mean don't go platinum or anything, but just try something totally off. I can't ever recall you with short hair, and I really think that a more conservative, dare I say, 'Posh Spice' chop will leave you looking extremely sleek, sophisticated, sexy and...24?? I'm all about changing up the hair. Duh you look adorable in all of these shots so you can't go wrong w/ any of them (although I think my favs of what you posted are medium w/ side swept or the one where you look like a princess with your hair pulled up and medium) but you know these styles look great on you and can revert back to them if you hate whatever you experimented with. I say BOB IT BABY.

PS. I hate you for having such thick, wonderful healthy hair.

Sunshine In The City said...

I like the sideswepted bangs however I think your hair looked really cute last night too without bangs. Had so much fun and may now be totally obsessed with the Milk Bar.

Victoria said...

I like your hair in the pic of you in the black/red outfit the best. But you are adorable in all of them.

Emily said...

Choppy, above-the-eyebrow... for sure.

WHIT said...

Nope, definitely sideswept bangs. Totally hot.

ms. mindless said...

hello! i started reading your blog through reading jgiwc. the sideswept bangs make you look quite lovely. the blunt cut bangs aren't bad, but i think sideswept is better. are you set on bangs for sure? i think you look fab in your pictures where the bangs are pulled away from your face. good luck with the decision.