Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Gratitude.

So many things to be thankful for!
  • First and foremost, making it to year #24 with relatively few bumps in the road, many blessings, and a future that I look forward to with bated breath.
  • Dinner and dessert Tuesday night with TAG and PAG at The Smith and then Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar, which was so fun it felt like a pre-birthday party! (Thanks, Teds, for all the love. I am so lucky you are my dear, dear friend.)

Never were there SUCH devoted sisters! Noshing on Old Fashioned Donut soft serve// My "Compost" cookie
  • CLB's brilliant e-card (below) AND snail mail card!

(When CLB and I get together, we are the Princesses of Snark. We are long overdue for a rendez-vous.)

  • AWC's singing voicemail rendition of Happy Birthday, in the style of "MirandaSings08" (And yes, Coen, when she comes to the City...WE.ARE.GOING.)
  • A hilarious and PERFECT e-card from EJS. When it comes to SATC, I may be a Charlotte, but when it comes to American Girls, I'm DEFINITELY a SAMANTHA! For Halloween next year my friends and I are dressing up as the American Girls and I have famously staked my claim to be Miss Parkington!

  • Treats from my officemate, VB: Birthday Princess tiara, Crumbs cupcake, and Junior Mints (see how my snack bag of Kashi lies untouched on my desk? tsk tsk).
  • A cute red tote from my sister who is far away in Japan (picture to come later) and much missed.
  • I ordered lunch and normally I don't get pop, but I made an exception today after seeing that they had DIET DR. PEPPER on the menu! (No one on the East Coast ever has DP!) After I ordered the "Diet" I regretted it because Aspartame tastes terrible, but then when the actual order arrived, I was met with a can of REGULAR DP! Best birthday lunch ever!

  • A SURPRISING but PERFECT gift from DAW...which I will discuss more on Thursday...
  • Lots of Facebook/Gchat/Phone love from friends and family. THANK YOU!

This morning I had to "surrender" my old KS license, which expired today, in exchange for a New York one. I took a long stroll (my favorite thing to do in the City) from the DMV to work, passing through Madison Square Park, where I took a few minutes to sit on a bench and meditate.

Despite difficult moments, life is so sweet and so good.
Thanks to everyone who made me feel special and loved today.


BLC :o said...

Awe! Just lovely. Xoxo-BLC

JGIWC said...

LOTS of Lilly Love for my CJM!