Friday, April 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile.

1) Last night's Dinner at The Mermaid Inn/Dessert at Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar with TAG and SITC.
These are great gals and the food was wonderful (photos to come next week).
Beyond our happy threesome, I was delighted when the hostess coincidentally seated an old Princeton classmate at the next table. One day last year I was riding the subway feeling a little bit blue and somewhat alone despite being in a city of 8 million people. And then the doors opened and a girl came into the car and sat next to me, and it was this same classmate, SG! Seeing a familiar face helped me get my bearings. It was nice to have another random encounter.

2) This morning's dentist visit.
I dragged my cranky self out of bed for an early morning appointment in the Financial District.
My dentist quickly put me in a good mood, however, when she said that my dress made me look like Cinderella, that I was as pretty as Snow White, and later revealed that my teeth are healthy and cavity-free!

The appointment even ended early enough for me to pop into Century 21 and get a new pair of Ash shoes (left) (which vaguely remind me of the Margielas (right) I will never be able to have) before work!

3) Quality time tonight with old friends EJS and A(K)K.

Location: TBD, but I'm ready for some fun catching up!

4) A new tea salon on the UES!
I want to go to there. Any takers?


Enjoy it! And keep the haircut comments coming!

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BLC :o said...

Ha, that is a fab dentist visit. And ... I just saw similar shoes today at lunch, LOVE them. How hip? And, is that a LP cardigan I spy? :) Enjoy your weekend. Xoxo-BLC