Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belle de Jour.

Annie Hathaway has truly grown into herself.
Honestly, what's not to love? She has Disney Princess eyes, glossy hair, porcelain skin, and Meryl Streep's endorsement:

"She is...maybe the most beautiful creature on film right now. That's not her fault or her doing, but she does seem uncannily unaware of the fact, and you never catch her working it. That's just perfectly disarming and rare."

At the Costume Institute Ball tonight, Anne was resplendent in purple, topped off with perfect hair and makeup (though, honestly, I'm not crazy about the dress...not usually a fan of Marc Jacobs anyway). You might say she looked vaguely like June Carter Cash, but she REALLY reminded me of one of my very favorite fashion icons: Catherine Deneuve.

CD is still a beautiful woman, but she was positively dazzling in the late-60's, clad (most of the time, anyway) in YSL in "Belle de Jour."

AH does for brunettes what CD did for blondes. Is it a coincidence that she shares initials with Audrey Hepburn? I think not. Brava!

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ms. mindless said...

totally agree about anne hathaway. love her. she is my favorite younger person in hollywood right now because she is so glamorous while making it seem effortless. the rest of young hollywood is trying really hard to be amazing and anne just IS.