Friday, May 8, 2009

Something to Make You Smile

This has been QUITE the week. I have so much to say, but have had no time to say it. Hopefully I'll give you a good update soon.

In the meantime, here's something to make you smile, courtesy of the genius of Craig Dameauer at "New Math." Math hasn't been THIS fun since Danica McKellar's textbook...

My personal favorite:

(In Kansas, you don't have to parallel park on your driver's test...which doesn't bode well for spending the rest of my life in major cities with limited parking...)

This defines my friend LAB's job as a lab assistant two years ago:

One of my personal favorites...provides some perspective, no?

I honestly think I need to meet and marry this man, because two of his "equations" happen to be some of my mantras:

A little trivia for all you Pride and Prejudice fans out there: The book was originally entitled "First Impressions"...

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


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Kate said...

The parking one is my favorite. In DC you can always tell the cars that park on the street from the ones that don't-tons of scratches and paint chips on the bumpers!