Friday, May 22, 2009

(So Many!) Things That Make Me Smile.

1) One of my oldest and dearest friends, ALF, just completed her studies at Harvard Law school and is celebrating by coming to NYC this weekend! She's en route as I type. I can't wait to see her! Tomorrow we're having brunch with another childhood friend E(B)AC, who just received her Master's in Art History from NYU's Institute of Fine Arts. Such smarties!

ALF and me at In Vino during her visit to NYC in February 2008. (Yep. I look like a train wreck.)

2) An update on my friend Molly, who celebrates her birthday today: She was recently cast as Ursula in the upcoming Broadway production of "Bye Bye Birdie"! I am delighted for her, and delighted for myself because I now have an excuse to see (perhaps on multiple occasions) one of my very favorite musicals. I don't yet know who will play Birdie and Kim in this production, but John Stamos (Uncle Jesse!) will play Albert and Gina Gershon will play Rosie. What a fun cast!

3) Coco Rocha's post-Met Costume Institute Gala stop: McDonald's.

4) This stylish and adorable baby, snapped by the Sartorialist in Sydney:

5) THREE.DAY.WEEKEND. Followed by a THREE.DAY.WEEK. Followed by another THREE.DAY.WEEKEND. Yespleasethankyouverymuch.


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BLC :o said...

M&M's, days off, and your cute posts ... one is never enough! Enjoy the super long weekend. Xoxo-BLC