Friday, May 15, 2009

Things that Make Me Smile: Nonsense Conversation.

This morning, AWC (with whom I had a GREAT dinner at Burger Joint last night) and I indulged in a favorite pastime of nerdy Princetonians: Comparing our Residential Colleges to the Hogwarts School's Houses in Harry Potter.

Just a little FYI:

Princeton's Residential Colleges:

Left to Right: The shields of Butler, Mathey, Whitman, Wilson, Rocky, and Forbes
  • Butler
  • Forbes
  • Mathey
  • Rockefeller (aka "Rocky")
  • Wilson
  • ...and though it was not open in my time there, Whitman.
Hogwarts's Houses:
  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin

Our Conversation (which is admittedly useless in the scheme of the world/our lives, etc.):

ok how would you match up HP houses with Pton Res colleges
I think I usually thought Butler was Slytherin
Rocky was Gryffindor (biased much?)
Wilson was Ravenclaw
and Mathey was Hufflepuff
and forbes was like where Hagrid lived
(no offense.)
CJM: hahahahhaha ok, it's totalllly biased by your experience
because i ALWAYS thought that since so many ppl from Rocky ended up in Ivy
that Rocky = Slytherin
AWC: yeah I've heard that one a lot
CJM: and that Forbes was really noble
AWC: hahahaha
CJM: so Forbes = Gryffindor (biased much?)
and that Hufflepuff is for the lame-os
so Hufflepuff = Wilson
CJM: and like Butler = Ravenclaw
and Mathey doesn't matter
wah wah
AWC: alright alright I can dig it
CJM: but Forbes = Hagrid's house? makes sense
because it's SO.FAR.AWAY
but Whitman screws it all up
AWC: oh yeahhhh
stupid whitman
whitman's like one of those schools from russia that comes for the big ball
CJM: it was hard enough fitting 5 res colleges into 4 HP houses
but 6 is impossible

No offense to the Wilsonians out there...or to Woodrow Wilson himself. What do my Princetonian readers think about these pairings?

Apologies to my non-Princetonian readers. I'm not trying to exclude anyone, but Reunions begin two weeks from yesterday, so I've got Old Nassau on my mind...

Happy Weekend!