Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Crazy But I Get the Job Done

Today begins a VERY busy week for me.

Tonight I kicked off my 25th birthday celebration with dinner out, courtesy of my boyfriend and his charming family.
My dessert plate, before:

...and after:

Here's what the rest of the week holds:

Monday 4.12: Ben Folds concert at Town Hall.
I've loved this man since I was 16. He performed at Princeton the week of my 20th birthday, and his concert tomorrow will get me in the mood for another birthday a half-decade later.

Tuesday 4.13: Children for Children benefit gala at Christie's.

This charity is the reason for my recent party at Lilly Pulitzer.
(To view all the fab professional photos from that event, click HERE.)
I'm on the Young Supporters (junior) committee and so pleased to be affiliated with CFC's great work. I'm in good company with the planning committee, and also look forward to seeing Katie Couric honored at the dinner.
Naturally, I'm still trying to decide what to wear...

Wednesday 4.14: ELM arrives from London-town!
My darling friend ELM (center) comes to NYC with her beau for a brief, but fabulous, few days.

We're having dinner on Wednesday and romping around the city on Friday.
I.CANNOT.WAIT. I only wish that the entire gang could be here to cause trouble together.

Thursday 4.15: I achieve a quarter-century and...
attend the American Museum of Natural History's Spring Safari.

(This special print is SO Lilly and SO New York.)
I'm friends with a museum VIP and am going as her special guest (love you, EJS!).
Since Lilly Pulitzer is sponsoring the evening (talk about the stars aligning...) I will be decked out in Lilly duds and, depending on how well I finagle things, VINTAGE Lilly!
Dress code? "Lilly or Louder"
Even the museum's whale is expected to wear a Lilly bowtie.
Bless the creative geniuses who dreamt up this sure-to-be-outstanding evening.

Friday 4.16: Playing NYC guide go ELM and SB!
Hold on to your hats, kids, because I live to give tours.

Saturday 4.17: Ringing in #25 in the company of friends.
An evening show at Upright Citizens Brigade followed by drinks at The Park?

Sunday 4.18: Collapse.
Merely from the sheer exhaustion and amazingness of being utterly spoiled and loved.

Cheers to going big or going home,


Usha said...

Happy early birthday to you CJM!! Hope you receive everything you wish for and more! x

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday! Don't you just love April birthday's? Mine is coming up in a week and its honestly the perfect month for a birthday. The hint of spring and re-birth....nothing better!

Also, absolutely love love love your dress from the Lilly event. You look gorgeous! Cheers to what will hopefully be a fabulous week for you!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Have a wonderful birthday week!!! Can't wait to hear what fab frock you choose for the gala!!!

BLC :o said...

You are going to have the best week ever!!!! I expect VH1 to highlight it!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK and ENJOYYYYYYY!!! Xoxo-BLC

ms. mindless said...

happy birthday week! it sounds like you are going to have a blast. love it!

karolina said...

That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile.This looks freaking awesome!

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