Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 Saturdays ago: 25th Birthday Fete!

Fact: Planning a birthday party is always harder than it should be.
NYC Truth: Organizing a party in Manhattan will drive you to madness.
Real Life-ism: Nobody cares about your party [as much as you do].
Conclusion: Calm the eff down, plan something fun for all, and wear a pretty dress and shiny shoes that make you happy.

It's such a blessing to gain WISDOM with age. *Whew.*

The fun plan took the form of an improv comedy show at the UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE, starring actors and writers from "30 Rock," "The Office" and other hilarious shows, followed by dinner at La Bottega, located in the Maritime Hotel.

Pretty dress? Check!

Shiny shoes? Check!

(ELM, SB and The Bunny)

I think my friends are gorgeous.
I've noticed lately that my peers--meaning specifically those people born in 1984 and 1985--are looking ravishingly gorgeous and seriously radiant.
Quite simply, they look the best they've ever looked.
Even on Facebook, when I peruse current photos of people I haven't seen in the flesh since we were 9, it's obvious to me that they've reached a beauty "critical mass."
Mind you, that isn't to say that the best isn't yet to come, because I think it is, but this is a pleasant plateau to reach following the not-yet-distant-enough pains of pre-and-post-adolescence.

I think there will certainly be a time in my life when I'll gaze with jealousy upon the cellulite-free and curve-less figures of teenage girls, and long for that phase in my physical development (which, if I'm honest with myself, never actually existed).

But for now, I think my friends, and even I, look the way we're supposed to--and hopefully feel a little more comfortable in our own skin, too.
That sense of peace is a true birthday gift.

They're such a happy bunch; I'm tremendously and unduly lucky...

(A(K)K, EJS and LAT)

(LAT and BJE)

(DM and CCR)

(MVG, G(A)S, and CLB)

(ELM and SB)


(DM, CCR, ESG and CJM)

(CJM, MVG, G(A)S, and CLB)

(CLB and CJM)

(BJE, CJM and LAT: Even wearing heels it's sort of hopeless with these two...)

(Princeton Girls: LAT, A(K)K, MVG, EJS, and CJM)

I've got a GOOD FEELING about year #25...
In the words of the wrapping paper on one of my gifts, here's hoping that every day grants each of us a...



Black Labs and Lilly said...

A pretty dress and shiny shoes always make things more fabulous! So glad you had a wonderful fete to ring in 25!!

LPC said...

Doing Tigertown proud:). I have to say, I've never called it that before...

Usha said...

You look absolutely beautiful - that dress is brilliant on you! Glad you had an awesome birthday xx

Aikaterini said...

Reading this post reminded me all over again of just how much I enjoyed your birthday celebration. I perfect evening!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Is your dress CKB...either way very cute! xx

Kate said...

Happy very very belated birthday! I love your dress!