Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Tent is Up!

A few weeks ago the Bunny said he had prepared a surprise for his sister and me.
Our instructions were to meet him at the fountain in Lincoln Center on a specific date at 6 o'clock in the evening.

I knew that the NYCB and ABT seasons had not yet begun, and that the showtime was a few hours too early for a Met opera performance or Philharmonic concert.

I had my suspicions about what it might be, but, unquestioningly, I showed up at Lincoln Center as instructed.

(Did you know that the New York State Theater, below, was recently rechristened the "David H. Koch Theater"? David is from Wichita, Kansas, just like me, and the second richest man in NYC, after Bloomberg. He and his brother Charles, who still lives in Wichita, are tied for #9 Richest American, and are the #19 and #20 Richest People in the World. Gives me faith in the kind of life I can build for myself in the future!)

When The Bunny and his sister arrived we were whisked off to the

This was the first circus I'd ever been to (not counting Britney Spears' concert) and was a little skeptical.
But two things gave me faith that it would be a fun evening:
#1) A glowing review by the New York Times, and
#2) The fact that our little friend, SMG, is in the TV commercial and she only works on the best projects!

We sat in the third row. As the commercial jingle notes, all seats are no farther than 50 feet from the ring so every seat is a good one.

Unlike Ringling Brothers, this circus focuses on quality over spectacle. The single ring, versus Ringling's three rings, means that the entertainment must be very focused, and the small arena ensures that each act must be magnificent.

The only animals in the show were domesticated: horses and dogs rescued from shelters. I'm sure I would love the appearance of an elephant or a lion at first, but thoughts of animal cruelty would quickly plague me. To see rescued dogs enjoying jumping around and dancing in the ring was so much fun.

The show's star is Bello, a seventh generation clown (yes, his family has been doing this for over 200 years). He isn't a scary white-faced, red-ball-nosed clown. Instead he's silly, funny, great with sleight of hand, and very acrobatically talented. Children, rather than being afraid of him, were in LOVE with him.

The entertainment included contortionists, jugglers, trapeze artists, aerialists, comedy routines from Bello and Grandma the Clown, and some amazing feats in and on the Wheel of Wonder.

The circus also features a live orchestra, which earned MAJOR points in my book;
nothing beats live music.

The circus is in town through January 18, and I highly recommend that you go.
With tickets in the $25-$89 range it's a great bargain and will be some of the most fun two hours you'll spend all season.
You'll be amazed by the athleticism, delighted by the showmanship, and pleased by the great comedy.

Don't stand there watchin' me/
Follow me/
Show me what you can do

If you go, enjoy the show!

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