Friday, July 16, 2010

Four Eyes Forever

After hearing what you had to say, and polling my friends via Facebook and email, I finally ordered my Warby Parker specs!

In the end I settled on the Zagg.
What do you think?!
They're sturdy but light, and exactly what I wanted.

Warby Parker deserves big props for their excellent customer service.
The online purchasing process was seamless, and I ordered the glasses on Thursday, July 8 and they arrived on Wednesday, July 14.
I've been wearing them ever since I received them...with no signs of taking them off anytime soon.
(That's QUITE the turnaround for someone whose former relationship with glasses was nothing short of hostile.)

Highly recommended. I'm already trying to select my next pair...
P.S. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the poll!


BLC :o said...

You look DIVINE!!! Perfect fit. Xoxo-BLC

Eva said...

I've been thinking about getting these glasses! They do look great :)