Monday, September 13, 2010

Food for (My) Thought

After recently proclaiming to friends, family and, more importantly, to MYSELF, that I would no longer entertain thoughts of working in the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week has arrived and revved me up to go running to shows, reading runway reviews and analyzing collection photos, and reading show recaps on Twitter and various blogs. Fast forward to tonight. This scene unfolds in the living room of yours truly:

Bunny: "Hey, Christine?"

Me: "Yes, Steven?"

Bunny: "Why don't you just do something in fashion. You spend all your time looking at sites about shoes and clothes. It's what you love. Just do something in that field. Right? Just do something in fashion, for God's sake. I mean, you REALLY love it, and spend alllllll your time with it. If you spent all your time looking at sites about art, then I'd say you should go into art, but you don't."

Me (a little dumbfounded): "Uhh...."

Bunny: "I'm just trying to help. But I mean...REALLY. It's totally true, though."



LPC said...

IMHO, fashion would suit your temperament and your goals and native skill-set very well. Nice work the Bunny.

BLC :o said...

Oh this convo is de ja vu!!! Just take the plunge and DO IT!!!! :) Xoxo-BLC

MCW said...

Very wise man your Bunny is :)