Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love You More than Valentino

He wouldn't be The Bunny if he didn't have a surprise up his sleeve.
(That reminds me, I need to share the story about "A Little Night Music"!)

Anyway, sneaky Steven told me he was taking me out for Valentine's dinner.
We walked to the street corner to "catch a cab" and he abruptly navigated me into the Cooper Square Hotel (located mere yards from the apartment), where a table at the hotel's brand new and well-received restaurant, Faustina, awaited us.

One of their specialities? BREAD.
Don't mind if I do....

Everything is tapas-style so we ordered several small plates to share:

Tuna and Avocado "Salad" with sea urchin viniagrette

Grilled Ciabatta with Poached Duck Egg and Fonduta//
Lardo Wrapped Prawns over Rosemary Lentils

Herbed Fries //
Black Truffle Risotto with Egg and Ricci di Mare (sea urchin)

Short Ribs of Beef and Spaetzle //
Stewed Eggplant and Pork Shoulder

Five-layer chocolate cake with mocha ice cream.

The Bunny and I both agreed that it wasn't the best meal we'd ever eaten (partially due to the service), but we feasted like kings and had a great time together.

Immediately following the end of our dinner I noticed a voicemail on my phone.
It was nothing short of a singing telegram from my friend AWC, who is a MASTER in the craft of wordplay.
Here are the outstanding lyrics to my singing Valentine:

Christine, oh, Christine, oh
I love you more than Valentino

On this Valentine's Day
I just wanted to say
That Christine, oh, Christine, oh
You know how much you mean, oh
To me

Now before I leave
Please also say hello to Steve
I hope you are filled with joy
for that boy

Re: "That Boy"? I definitely am.
I hope everyone enjoyed the day whether with lovers or friends.
After all, love is love.

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MCW said...

I have enver heard of this place! All of the food looks yummy...