Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vicky B. at B.G.

Tonight my friend A.S. and I attended an event to celebrate Victoria Beckham's new line of jeans and sunglasses at Bergdorf Goodman.

Victoria Beckham jeans featured in Bergdorf's windows.

I had hoped to see samples of the excellent pieces Victoria debuted at her Fashion Week presentation on Valentine's Day. I cannot express how I covet this gorgeous red dress:

(And I really like these as well. It's a fresh English twist on the Americana sexiness that Michael Kors so successfully achieves season after season.)

But alas, I will have to be patient.

Instead we were greeted by racks of skinny patched and slightly deconstructed jeans, versatile metallic knit tops, and a variety of vintage-inspired sunnies.

Modeling the latest Victoria Beckham sunglasses.

The event was busy but not over-crowded, and Victoria mingled with everyone.
Bergdorf buyers Sunni and Samantha, from MTV's "The City," were spotted on the job and in the dressing rooms; I don't blame Samantha for succumbing to the temptation to slip on VB's sexy jeans.

Victoria and A.S.
Prior to the fete on the 5th floor, A.S. and I dined on the 7th floor at BG.

After a delicious dinner in the ambience of Kelly Wearstler's decorative magic, and with the snow falling down on Central Park directly outside, we indulged in Mariage Freres tea and cookies.

A promotional cookie arrived with the check to remind us of BG's new children's shop: Little BG!

We took a peek. Isn't it cute? A bit like J.Crew's crewcuts store, but nevermind that; I can't ever get enough of childhood fantasy.

It was such a fun night of adding a little *spice* to my life.


ms. mindless said...

OMG. you were that close to posh. i am dying. SO FUN!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

yummmmy. and fun. is she the tiniest thing ever??? xo