Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gossip Girl Takes Over

One of the best things about NYC is how frequently TV and movie companies take advantage of the city's backdrop (and the tax break they get for filming here!). Nearly every week I stumble upon trailers, lighting fixtures, craft services, and camera crews preparing to film anything from TV series like "Ugly Betty" and "Law and Order" to films like "New York, I Love You" and the less interesting "Step Up 3-D.

For the past two days, "Gossip Girl" has taken over my museum.
This isn't the first time I've encountered the GG gang. They used to film all the time around my old office in the Gramercy neighborhood (many scenes this past season have taken place on Irving Street).

But the fact that they were filming INSIDE of my museum somehow made today more exciting and brought out the starstruck side of me.

The plot, it seems, is that the last Bart Bass bequeathed a collection of Hudson River paintings to our museum, and they are having an event to name a wing in his honor. It's a totally legit idea.

Here's what I saw:

Our Events Office was converted into the Green Room:

Second floor taken over by wires, set building materials, lights, cameras, the whole shebang; there's a "Gossip Girl" directors chair folded and thrown on top of the stack at the far left.

Outside, craft service trucks and costume/makeup trailers lined the street:

This notice was posted on the makeup trailer door. I could hear barking as I walked by. Hilarious:

Normally I have great celeb karma. In fact, I like to say that I have a sixth sense about celebrities and can "feel" when they're near me (yes, I realize that this is an utterly ridiculous claim and also a pointless talent). At any rate, if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I truly DO see my fair share of celebs. Unfortunately yesterday my stars didn't quite align. I caught a 2-nanosecond glimpse of the gorgeous Kelly Rutherford (aka Lilly Bass Van der Woodsen Humphrey). My co-workers fared better than I did. Some saw, and also chatted with, Dan, Chuck, and Blair. I've seen Blake Lively (Serena) and Connor Paolo (Eric) in other parts of town, but didn't catch them altogether yesterday.

Ah well. I'm mostly excited to see my museum in all of its glory when this episode airs--probably sometime in March. Keep an eye out and I'll keep you posted!

You know you love me,


MCW said...

I love seeing filming also! Although sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming when they are blocking the quickest route to the subway and you are running late!

marry said...

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kirstyb said...

when i was in new york i saw part of a will smith film being made - i cant remember the name of it though x

kirstyb said...

so exciting i love gossip girl x

Beth Dunn said...

Love GG. So fun for you to see. xoxo