Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution: A Splash of Hedonism

I grew up visiting the Plaza Hotel on every one of my trips to NYC, bought more Eloise paraphernalia in the erstwhile Plaza gift shop than I'd like to admit, and celebrated two birthdays with high tea in the Palm Court.

A few days ago I visited the Plaza for the first time in nearly two years and was so distraught to see only the remnants of its former glory. The many floors of the historic hotel were recently gut-renovated and converted into apartments, while the first floor was turned into a gallery of retail shops. The only upside to this change is the month-old Eloise shop.

Now that the location of some of my best birthday memories consists of only a few spare tables and chairs, I've decided I need to find another place to enjoy my tea in NYC.
There are many New Year's Resolutions I'd like to make, especially because 2010 marks my 25th year (and because I'll be wearing a bikini on a beach in a few weeks' time), but since I'm unlikely to KEEP many of them, I'm making one resolution I believe I CAN keep:
Sample every high tea in Manhattan.

I have many places in mind, and will blog about them when I go. If you have any recommendations, I am ALWAYS happy to hear them!

So often our New Year's Resolutions are ascetic and rigid, and it's no wonder we dread them and often can't maintain them. Most of us would do well to have a little more fun in our lives. So in general, I resolve to be more of a hedonist this year:

-Attend the ballet more often
-Read more books
-Travel as much as I am able
-Sleep a little later
-Curl my hair if I feel like it
-Drink a little more champagne
-Keep taking long walks around my beloved NYC

And I hope you do too.
Best wishes for 2010!


Erica said...

Um...I am just ASSUMING that "travel more" and "see the ballet more" = coming to Vail Dance Fest...

Black Labs and Lilly said...

What fabulous and fun resolutions! Happy Happy New Year Doll!

MCW said...

Happy New Year!!!
Hopefully we can meet up in in 2010 for one of those walks...

Landlocked Mermaid said...

what a fabulous idea!! I love it!! enjoy enjoy enjoy xo

BLC :o said...

Oh CJM, I don't even seen a hit of impossolutions in those new years resolutions!!! 25 is going to be your year AND why not celebrate it with lots and lots and lots of high tea. Xoxo-BLC