Friday, March 26, 2010

Food For Thought: The Career Dilemma

From time to time I find myself daydreaming about how nice it would be to see a big list of all possible jobs.

I could peruse the list and check off what I've done, what I would avoid at all costs, and denote what I wanted to try. By refining this process again and again, I would finally arrive at the "perfect" career for me.

But it doesn't work that way. I've taken some unconventional paths in pursuit of the right thing and, overall, have been very pleased with the results.

Yet part of me wonders if a list like the one described above would help me at all. I feel in my bones that I'm destined to continue on a unique path that will ultimately lead me to where I should be.

But god, maybe it would be easier to just be content working as an investment banker.

Where do you stand on this?


Kelly said...

NO INVESTMENT BANKING! Life's too short to not try all or some of the things you want to. Remember your last job and how much you hated it? Well, at least you tried it first, but were able to move onto your next venture once done with it. Interest/passion is everything. Otherwise you just get burned out or depressed. I know that it may be easier said than done, but I firmly believe in it.

BLC :o said...

Earlier today I read this post and really did think on it. I often have friends or friends of friends or parents of friends who have amazing jobs. It is so fun to hear HOW they arrived at those positions. I worry about not using enough creativity in my pursuit of the law. Perfect or not, career is work and play is fun!!! Chin chin to your career journey ... I'll be following all the while! Xoxo-BLC

rae.ozanne said...

As far as I can tell, no career is totally satisfying at all times. I think that studying religious history is my 'calling', but it is exhausting. I find things to complain about while doing it--even though I love it. Sometimes I find myself missing the days when I had a simple 8-5 job complete with actual weekends. But, ask anyone around at the time, I really, actually hated that job. So, I agree with your pals who say there's no perfect job.

A list might help some, especially to think of careers that you'd never thought of before. However, you seem like you're doing just fine without one!