Friday, March 19, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile: Here Comes the Sun (Doo Dum Doo Doo)

It's been a LONG, COLD, BITTER winter in New York City.
The bleak weather has dragged down the moods and momentum of many people I know.
But recently I can't help but feel that the cloud (literal and figurative) has finally lifted.
Friends are getting new jobs (I'm looking at you, JCT!), acceptances to grad schools (three cheers for CCC going to Stanford Med!), embarking on new romances (*wink, wink* MVG), and carving out new career paths for themselves (proud of you, MBM)!

As for me, the many things in my pipeline are aligning and executing quite nicely.
Fingers are crossed that this period of détente and good luck continues!

In order to celebrate these happy feelings, let me share with you a most spectacular day that I had last weekend:

I woke up and hopped over to Hotel Griffou, a fabulous and new-ish subterranean spot in the center of the Village. So taken was I with the eclectic luxe-English-country-estate-gone-slightly-mad aesthetic that I'm seriously considering planning to have my upcoming 25th birthday fête there!

My dear friend MVG and I nibbled on:

Above: Skillet of Fresh Baked Sticky Buns (we shared)
Below: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup; Griffou Burger with Gruyere and Bacon

Afterward, we could barely move.
But it's a good thing we did.
We caught up with AWC--in town on a quick business trip--just long enough to give her a BIG HUG and for her to give me a sweet little bracelet!
(As if her Valentine's Day serenade weren't enough to treasure.)
I think it goes just perfectly with another bracelet she gave me:

And it was certainly nice to see her back in the context of the Big Apple. I hope she'll be a permanent fixture soon!

Following that short but sweet rendez-vous, MVG and I trained up to the UES to see the Quicktake: Rodarte exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.
The exhibit didn't offer anything I hadn't seen before in the stores that carry Rodarte's young line, nor that I hadn't viewed in runway photos.
Nevertheless, it convinced me that the Mulleavy sisters are true craftsmen (though I still hesitate to elevate their status to "artists"). MVG and I both agreed that their initial concepts are delightfully singular, but only time will tell if their paradigm can translate into interesting variations on a theme, as well as profitability.
For everyone's sake, I hope it does...on both counts!

We walked through Central Park along the Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir to the Upper West Side, and the rain that persisted through the entire day had finally stopped.

A perfect end to a perfect day.
I hope you find yourself having many of these, too.

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Kate said...

The sticky buns and grilled cheese are making me so hungry right now. YUM! I am adding that place to my list of NYC places to try