Monday, March 29, 2010

Singing Tom's praises: Colicchio & Sons

My boyfriend, The Bunny, has a solid track record of surprising me with special treats (most recently this took the form of tickets to "A Little Night Music," starring Zeta-Jones and Lansbury on Broadway).

I figured it was my time to return the favor, and after reading a glowing New York Times review (snippet: "Mr. Colicchio’s is the must-try New York menu. His restaurant isn’t perfect. But it is exciting. And the food is terrifically good."), I booked a table at
Colicchio & Sons

Tom Colicchio, chief judge on "Top Chef" and proprietor/chef behind Craft, 'wichcraft, and craftbar (which I enjoyed so much last summer), opened this restaurant last month in the former craftsteak location.

It's the first of his endeavors to bear his name, which says something for his commitment to what he's doing there. In fact, while we were dining, the man himself emerged from the kitchen to deliver dishes to a table. He may be a celebrity, but he is first and foremost a chef.

The space is gorgeous, the food is exceptional, the service is top of the line,
and the thoughtful small touches round out a signatures
It may seem insignificant, but when they brought Mr. Bunny his iced tea, they delivered with it a tiny carafe of simple syrup rather than hideous sugar packets.
Those are the kinds of details that will have me coming back time and again.

And besides, how can you beat this view of The Highline?

Well done, Tom.

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