Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DKNY Dreams come true, with a Chinese twist.

I love following the DKNY feed on Twitter.
I often Tweet "at" them, and have often thought about how thrilling it would be if they ever Tweeted back.

Well, dreams come true. Just not always in the way we might hope for...

Last night I arrived home to a care package from my mother that included some DKNY pieces and another little Chinese-mother-specific gift. So I Tweeted:
"Received a great care package from my mom with @DKNY pieces, amazing tights and...Spanx. Subtlety never was her strong suit..."

And DKNY Tweeted back!
But instead of something cute or reassuring, they turned it into a PR opportunity and said:

"@MurphysNewLaw tell your mom 2 send u DK Body Perfect- laser cut & less $ & check out DKNY Smoothies we showed on runway- toners u can show"

Happy Hump Day!


Sunshine In The City said...

Wow, that was interesting. As far as your mom sending you Spanx just think of it as her sending you some support from afar. (Different kind of support, but support nonetheless). BTW, I wear Spanx on occassion and they do make you look extra fabulous!

Sharon said...

Ha. Don't be worried by this little tidbit...everyone uses them including Donna herself I'm sure ;)

MCW said...

Thanks for the invite! I wondered for awhile where you were and then I realized you went private. I just caught up and you have been very busy!
If my mom mailed me Spanx I would mail them back to prove my point and then go by some one my own (and I do own a few pairs!)

rae.ozanne said...

All I can think to say is a 5th grade joke: "I'll spank you." You're gorgeous. Don't worry about what mom thinks. (As if! If my mom makes the slightest comment about my hair, make-up, etc., I worry that I've been wandering around in a sub-human state for months and no one else had the guts to tell me before! Mother-daughter relationships...)