Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In place of the post I originally wrote for today, I present ZOO BORNS!
I cannot get enough of this site.
I was never quite taken with Cute Overload, but I literally cannot stop looking at these adorable and odd Zoo Born baby animals.



Fennec Fox.

Red Panda.

Tufted Deer.

And you MUST watch the baby elephant bath video. It's too cute.

Makes me want to go home and cuddle my Bunny!


Sunshine In The City said...

Look at that little otters face, so freaking cute!

BLC :o said...

Omg ... if that doesn't melt your heart, what does?! Did you know I am quasi-obsessed with the zoo!??? I mean ... reallllllllly obsessed?! Love it!!! Xoxo-BLC

ms. mindless said...

adorable. i am kind of obsessed with the baby tigers.

Lula Mae said...

oh my, so cute :)

p.s. thanks for the add to your blog; i must have missed the whole "going private" thing and had to ask Teddi to pass along my wishes for an invite!

TAG said...

Picture #3 terrifies me

Kate said...

I love this site. Always makes me feel better after a long day

Britt said...

I love them all!!! Baby animals are my FAVORITE!
Thanks for posting this!