Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Me.

I thought I'd share a bit more about CJM, so here are 15 things about me...
  1. I'm probably better at writing a list of DISlikes than likes. Interpret that as you will.
  2. Hoping to ingratiate her to the idea of a younger sister, my parents asked my older sister to help name me. That being 1985, and she being 9 years old, her recommendation was "Crystal-Tina." Blessedly, that is NOT my name.
  3. I am 1/16 Cherokee and always thought I should spend some time on a reservation, donating my time and learning about my culture.
  4. The Cherokee is only part of a mix that includes Chinese, Irish, Swedish, German, and various samplings of Western European races. I felt odd about this when I was younger and the first time I hear Cher's song "Half Breed" I was utterly taken with it, thinking it might be my anthem. (Ridiculous.)
  5. I sometimes slip and pronounce "while" as "wahl;" this is my most distinct Kansas inflection.
  6. I am a lactard. I avoid dairy except for cheese. I will never disavow cheese. But I embrace soy products more and more each day.
  7. I always pronounce "February" as "Feb-ROO-air-y" since that's how it's spelled.
  8. I find the Hong Kong Chinese-British accent to be the most aurally pleasing in the world.
  9. When I was younger I was convinced I would eventually win an Oscar. I had an agent. There are some embarrassing tapes of a TV commercial and some silly headshots floating around...
  10. I become irritated when people pronounce "huge" as "yuge" and "human" as "yuman." It's only tolerable when Cary Grant does it, and even then, it's touch and go.
  11. The word "impactful" always sounds fake to me. I'm glad that Blogger's spell check agrees with me.
  12. My absolute favorite places to shop are upscale grocery stores and independent bookstores; everything has its place and is part of a logical sequence.
  13. If I could be anything in the world, regardless of any limitations, I would be a prima ballerina. If I could be Suzanne Farrell, even better.
  14. My current dream job, given my limitations (see #13), is to be president of a major museum.
  15. I think I have some major unlocked potential inside of me, and don't doubt that someday I will be famous (and hopefully not infamous...). I just wish that on my worst days I could remember that.
More of these lists to come later. Let me know if you have questions of things you've wondered about me!

Happy Labor Day weekend!


rae.ozanne said...

ImpactING. I agree. Also, when you are a famous museum owner, I hope that you will one day give me a private, guided tour. I like it when you explain art to me!

Patrice said...

i think you should locate your old life list from fry's class and post THAT. or at least sections of it.

BLC :o said...

Yaya Crystal-Tina still has me in stitches. My father is 1/16 Cherokee ... odd, eh? And, I absolutely love love love #15!!! How powerful is that!? Unlocked potential ... that means the best is yet to come!!! Xoxo-BLC