Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paris Recap #2: Tour de Lance

Pure Parisian sunlight streaming through a gorgeous window. What a way to wake up!

After a restful night of sleep, with visions of chateaux dancing in my head, I awoke to a beautiful day: Perfect conditions for the final leg of the Tour de France!

We rode the metro to the Concorde stop and strolled along the Rue de Rivoli looking for just the ride vantage point from which to observe the Tour. As you can see, it was PACKED!

Yellow abounds!

The race sponsors participate in a parade along the Rue de Rivoli/Champs-Elysees about an hour before the riders arrive in the City and it's full of silly float-like decorated cars and cheering masses.

Angelina, for all its stoicism, was not spared from the revelry.

Texas pride from a balcony at Hotel Le Meurice.

I purposely wore a yellow Lilly dress in honor of the Yellow Jersey!
(Sometimes I get a bit impatient and have to create my OWN fun--like swinging from trees in the Jardin des Tuileries!)

Yellow chalk drawings (many children were running around covered in chalk after creating their masterpieces) brightened up the sidewalk:

CJM and MLPR play the waiting game....

After about 45 minutes of standing near the Tuileries, we heard the helicopter overhead and knew the riders were approaching Paris at long last:

Several minutes later the team cars came through:

Followed by the day's leaders:

Followed 20 seconds afterward by the rest of the pack:

See the ACTUAL Yellow Jersey?!
(Bet he wishes he was in Lilly!)

We watched three of the 8 Paris laps, and were lucky to be standing mere feet away from the riders. As you might imagine they ride by VERY quickly. I know Lance passed me but I'm not sure I could identify him in any of the MANY multiple-burst photos I took. Just look for one of the guys an Astana jersey, I suppose!

The odd thing about the Tour is how focused the riders must be at all times. Despite riding throughout France, I wonder how many of the riders actually "see" all of the beautiful places they ride through. I may not be a professional rider, but I'm glad that instead I get to observe every lovely thing about Paris.

I'll be a spectator any day.

Next Up: Pretty Paris promenades, doorknobs, and great eats!

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MCW said...

That is so exciting your got to see the Tour. A memory you will always have!