Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paris Recap #3: Promenading around Paris.

Strolling along the Seine.
For a month in the summer the right bank of the Seine is converted into a beach for the "Paris Plages." Imported sand for sunning, fencing classes for children, pentanque fields, exercise equipment, ice cream stands and street performers draw huge crowds to the riverside.

Above: These two clowns stalked this woman and sat down on either side of her. She was spectacularly nonchalant about the whole thing; she may even have been whistling.

Right Bank.

1st arr.: Jardin du Palais Royal. This row of trees reminds me of my favorite Klimt painting.

The Colonnade at the Palais Royal.

And, of course, I had to reenact my favorite "Charade" pose:

The Place du Palais Royal Metro Station entrance.

1st arr.: The Ferris Wheel from two perspectives.

1st arr.: Toy sailboats for rent in the Jardin des Tuileries.

1st arr.: La Fontaine des Innocents.

3rd arr.: Entree des Fournisseurs. This marvelous ribbon and button shop, tucked away in an enclosed courtyard, was shut for August. Such is the situation with many Parisian shops in late-July and August when shopowners take their 4-week vacation. I'll be back...

3rd arr.: The Bunny read while I took a nap in the intimate and serene Square Charles-Victor Langlois.

Velib'! This two-year old bike rental system has stations all over the city and is immensely popular. If you read The Sartorialist you will recognize these bikes from many of Scott's recent Paris shots. The bikes themselves are unique looking: streamlined, elegant and cute! I love nothing more than a bike ride and The Bunny was happy to oblige. We rode around the 3rd arr.

4th arr.: Beaubourg and views from it.

Clockwise from left, views from Beaubourg: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Montmartre (with Sacre-Coeur perched on top), and La Fontaine Stravinski.


6th arr.: Arc de Triomphe.

8th arr.: Place de la Concorde. Entrance to the Jardin des Tuileries.

18th arr.: Sacre-Coeur is magnificent. I fell in love with it during my first visit to Paris and felt like I was seeing a beautiful old friend on this trip.

Left Bank.

5th arr.: Looking onto the balcony of the apartment where The Bunny and I were staying; lovely view onto the Pantheon and the Eiffel Tower (visible at night when it's lit).

5th arr.: Le Bonbon au Palais. This candystore's sign takes the form of a child's dictation exercise and makes light of the difficulty of homonyms in French. The shop is designed to look like a classroom filled with candy; every kid's fantasy come true!

6th arr.: A perfectly gorgeous, wizened tree in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

6th arr: Cafe with whimsical pastel-colored chairs on the Boulevard-St-Germain.

6th arr.: The buildings of Paris are arranged such that the most magnificent patterns of light appear as the sun shines through. This is what I find to be most dreamy about the city.

7th arr.: La Tour by day.
By Evening:

(It wouldn't be CJM if I wasn't cartwheeling...)

And By Night:

And by night.

9th arr.: Spotted on the Boulevard Haussman: Cute-as-a-button little girl and Perrier-shaped botany.

15th arr.: A building similar to NYC's Flatiron building but on a smaller scale!
Doorknobs and Doorways.
I could happily devote years of my life to photographing the doors and doorknobs of Europe. Americans in general simply don't value quality or artistry like this.

Next Up: What, and how, Murf ate in Paris!



MCW said...

Every picture is just fabulous. My favorite might the be the one where a part of the Ferris Wheel is showing from behind the building. I just love how you look down the street at it...I think the bike renting idea is so fun!!! I wish NYC has that.
By the way, my friend calls her husband Bunny!

Kate said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paris! I can't wait to visit again! I love the man made beach ;)