Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Kickass Haircut.

Today I had my second haircut with the adorable Julie Dickson of Fox & Boy salon in NoLIta.

I can't describe how awesome she is and how much I enjoy my haircuts with her! I absolutely need to schedule these more frequently just so we can hang out.

I showed up in a very typically CJM outfit: Black silk dress from Anthropologie, black herringbone patterned DKNY tights, shearling-lined leather Born boots, Lilly Pulitzer navy band jacket, Burberry scarf, London Fog black trench and a gold J.Crew birdcage necklace. Julie pronounced that I represent the perfect mix of uptown and downtown style (thanks, Julie!).

In keeping with these ideas about my style, Julie was prepared to present her latest muse. Last time our inspiration was Catherine Deneuve. This time, Julie picked another stunning European blonde starlet of the '60s, Bond girl Britt Ekland. Julie thinks my polished look will be the perfect pairing with Britt's sexy, full hair.

Isn't her shiny, thick hair so stunning?
Too many stylists have tried to "under-cut" and thin out my thick Chinese hair, which I really resent.
Julie, the genius, embraces it (one of many reasons to love her).
As she said, she's "so sick of shattered ends." Hear, hear!

'60s glamour, with then-husband Peter Sellers.

Here are our results:
Face-framing layers, shorter length, thick ends, and a shiny finish.

(Photo taken in a badly lit clothing store dressing room shortly after my hair cut.)
It's a terrible photo of me, but you can see how much body, movement and shine my hair has thanks to Julie's amazing handiwork!

I can't recommend Fox & Boy enough.
Here's a video Daily Candy shot of Julie teaching people how to cut their own bangs and create a simple summer updo. Once you see how cute she is, you'll want to run to her salon.

Thanks, Julie, for a haircut I truly love, and for introducing me to an amazing new muse...I'm off to research Britt!

P.S. I had a wisdom tooth extracted this morning and my happy haircut took my mind off of the pain!


Lula Mae said...

love the new haircut...looks great! hoping the wisdom tooth pain goes away soon :(

rae.ozanne said...

I wish you'd come to Austin and find a good place for a haircut here! It's too traumatic for me. I go months in between cuts. Looks pretty!

BLC :o said...

Oh la la! I am loooooving the layers! Xoxo-BLC

JoycieH said...

Love your blog, have been following for a while but this is my first comment! I'm originally from Princeton so I love your posts about the school but I have been looking for a new hairstylist in NYC and am going to make an appointment with Julie ASAP. Thanks!

MCW said...

I just realized today that I walk by this places like everyday! I have always thought it looks amazing...I will have to try!