Friday, October 9, 2009

Women of Great Style: Carolina Herrera

This is the second post in a series decided to highlighting women who inspire me. It might be their grace, generosity, ability to wear a potato sack with elan, sheer intelligence or, in rare cases, a combination these elements.

Today's honoree is Carolina Herrera.

I have long admired CH's keen eye and aristocratic tastes. Initially drawn to her dresses, which I saw in my mother's Vogues while I was growing up, I did some research in high school and came across these gorgeous photos of the woman as a girl:

(Reminiscent of this photo of another inspiration:)

(Look at that waist!)

In these photos you can already feel her strength of spirit, mixed with a haughty air that one might expect (however stereotypically) from an aristocratic, stylish and strong-willed young Venezuelan girl. As you can see, the signature starched white oxford shirt, now part of her daily costume, was incorporated into her wardrobe very early on.

Carolina traveled to Paris with her grandmother to attend her first fashion shows at the tender age of 13, and that no doubt helped shape the woman she would become.

Growing up I used to say that I wanted Oscar de la Renta or Valentino to dress me for my wedding, and Carolina Herrera to dress me for the Red Carpet; I still stand by those statements.

Of her Fall 2009 collection, wrote:
"Carolina Herrera believes in pretty. The world as we know it is crumbling around us, but you wouldn't think so looking at her lovely collection—and there's a certain strength in maintaining that sense of poise under pressure."

Poise under pressure. And a sense of humor:

Brava, Carolina!


BLC :o said...

Amen! I almost went with a CH wedding gown. Her work is just divine!!! Xoxo-BLC

Lula Mae said...

I love CH and wanted a wedding gown by her (but a little out of my range...). What a great post!