Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat: Funny or Sweet?

I have a few ideas floating around in my head for what I'd like to be for Halloween:

1) Samantha Parkington
With her perfect Victorian curls and pretty taffeta dresses, I would be remiss to let another Halloween pass without dressing as everyone's favorite American Girl...especially if I can recruit my friends to dress as Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Josefina...........
I do the perfect impression of Kristen Wiig-as-Bjork, and if that weren't reason enough, I have total faith in my ability to create this swan costume. I'm guessing I wouldn't run into many doppelgangers.

3) Cher to the Bunny's Sonny.
In the right pair of heels, I tower over The Bunny. With my long black hair and touch of Cherokee blood, I'm qualified to play the "Half-Breed." The Bunny is willing to grow a mustache and don a wig. I told him I want to wait until I have a "bangin' bod" liker Cher, but he told me I already do. Awwwwwww.

4) Gilly!
One of the SNL characters that delights me most just got that much better this past weekend when Drew Barrymore played her Italian counterpart. Watch HERE.

What do you think?
What will YOU be?


Susan said...

I know the end result will be fabulous regardless, but I vote for Bjork. It will be a great conversation piece throughout the evening. skw

Roua said...

I'm a sucker for matching costumes so either Sonny & Cher or American Girls! I think I'm going as Lady Gaga :D.

JGIWC said...


ms. mindless said...

i vote america girls. i have seen tons of bjorks before. TAG could be a hilarious molly with glasses and pigtails. i want to stay in nyc for halloween just to be addy if you don't have a willing brown friend, haha!

rae.ozanne said...

You should totally be Samantha. It's time. I'm going to be the slightly less classy Sookie Stackhouse. ha.