Thursday, October 1, 2009


Based on my blog analytics, I know that (until it was private) my blog received about 200 reads each day. This humble but healthy number really surprised me and encouraged me to keep writing. Once I "went private" and began receiving reader requests from people I either didn't know, or didn't know were reading my blog (including many people I haven't spoken to in years) I was really touched.

Out of this period of requests and reconnections with people I didn't know were reading my blog, a great lifelong friend of mine, JPT, sent me the nicest email. I'm posting it here as a reminder to be myself, and enjoy being who I am, every day of my life. It's also proof of the EXCELLENT quality of people I'm blessed to have in my life. (Let me note that JPT is no shrinking violet: She recently returned to the U.S. after a long stint in the Middle East where, among other things, she studied deaf culture in Yemen on a Fulbright. Check out this video feature the Washinton Post created around her story.)

Dearest C,
Blogs aren't really my thing. Fashion and famous names that I should know don't really interest me. But I so enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures because I love the fact that you notice and appreciate things. Looking through your pictures from Paris over the summer made me so proud of you, I thought, "This girl doesn't take things for granted." I love it when I get to watch people who have been so fortunate in their lives, and they see those things and cherish them. I just hope you know how much I appreciate your blog- because it reminds me to look for a lobster on a print or really appreciate a funky sandal design or window display. Thank you for the effort you put into showing me part of your world.

I owe you an email, J, to thank you for your sweet message but I won't be able to express how much your words mean to me. Sending you best wishes on your midterms!

And love to everyone who keeps reading and engaging with me. This is one of those things that makes my life oh-so-sweet.


Jess said...

Yeay! I have secretly been hoping "JPT" would someday be on your blog! all my love! So proud of you!

MCW said...

You are a lucky talented girl!

BLC :o said...

Omg, that is just touching!!!! And, I couldn't agree more. I too appreciate you, your blog, and the lobster print!!! Cheers to you and yours! Xoxo-BLC

Black Labs and Lilly said...

So sweet, and so true!