Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Escape: Off to the Berkshires!

At the end of August, The Bunny and I visited our friends at their lovely mountaintop vacation home in Western Massachusetts.

At that time, the view from their back porch looked like this:

We visited again this past weekend to see the changing leaves, and the same foliage looked like this:


The colors everywhere were so beautiful:

We had dinner at a local restaurant called Mike & Tony's Pizzeria, which is located in an old church. We made reservations to sit in the balcony. One of the proprietors is an artist specializing in neon, and his work decorates the restaurant:

The Chrysler Building in the background made me feel right at home!

The waitress gave us a coloring book for the kids, and I discovered this little gem from a previous patron:

On Sunday morning we went to the Ashfield Fair. Musical groups performed, children played games, and we were tempted by some really fantastic food.

A local theatre group, including some musicians on stilts, delighted us all.

Raw apple cider.

Dipping apples into hot caramel sauce.

Hot maple cream is drizzled over fried dough; looked incredible! I didn't indulge...but wish I had!

I ate a pulled pork sandwich from Elmer's; it was delicious!

The skies were blue, the air was crisp, and the surroundings were gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for a better respite from the rush of the City!


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MCW said...

Everything looks beautiful and delicious.