Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner at Diner

After The Bunny and I returned to NYC from our trip to the country, we were craving dinner at an interesting restaurant. We decided to venture to Brooklyn to sample Diner, which comes highly recommended.

Located within an old boxcar in Williamsburg, Diner offers the precise mix of factors that define most of my favorite New York restaurants: small size, energetic vibe, dark interior, no gimmicks, high-quality and exceptionally delicious food.

This picture is a bit dark (the restaurant is primarily lit by candles), but you can see its approximate width; it's very small and very packed! Patrons happily wait 30-45 minutes for a table or even a stool at the bar.

The daily specials are written on register tape. Very casual approach, and, in a way, very special. Just LOOK at some of those dishes: Grilled Swordfish with squash puree and grilled plums! I don't like seafood but I confess I was very intrigued by that dish.

The Bunny ordered a gorgeous filet mignon with spinach salad covered in goat cheese dressing, and ate every last bite.

I selected the grass-fed burger and fries.
The quality of the meat was exceptional (supplied by Marlow & Daughters), and the serving size was so generous that I could only eat half. I took the other portion home and am cursing myself today for forgetting it in my fridge this morning!

While we may have skipped out on the fried dough with maple cream earlier in the day in Massachusetts, we couldn't resist the maple custard on the menu.

It was absolute heaven.

Perfect end to an excellent weekend.


Betts said...

Diner was probably my favorite place... Now I really miss Brooklyn. And NYC in general. And YOU!!

MCW said...

I need to get out of Manhattan and experience restaurants in different borough! I for there for work...but, never to eat!